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Please see translation (one man in charge of history)

Horror stories of
blinked from
modern relations.

History changed
the station
to uproot
before irrigation

hours stand for
cut out days
for time,
we are the patients. 20 more words


Patriocentricity is not Patriarchy

Some things just have to be endlessly repeated over and over, clearly. ┬áPatriocentricity is father-worship, with an emphasis on individual family units being subservient to unrestrained false “patriarchs” who themselves have no higher authority to be subject to (not even other father-leaders). 366 more words


Valentina Doria of Milan

My 19th great-grandmother was from a noble family that still has branches in parts of Europe carrying titles.  The Doria family was influential in northern Italy. 308 more words


The Young Architect (and other fun with stereographs)

The latest gleaning from the Library of Congress collections- an 1891 stereograph card depicting a talented young lady and her monumental edifice. I’m all for encouraging women in architecture, (go girls!) and found this a commendably progressive attitude on the part of the Fellows Photographic Company. 151 more words


Affirmative Action Case Struck Down By SCOTUS

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court struck down a ruling in the state of Michigan. The ruling would deny the use of Affirmative Action in the process of college application or entry into Higher Education. 912 more words