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1912 - Death of Dublin writer Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula.

Death of novelist Bram Stoker (b. 1847), author of Dracula which was first published in 1897. Born in Dublin, Stoker was bed-ridden for much of his childhood, but lived a relatively healthy life during his adulthood. 47 more words

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Tutzing am Starnberger See

I was in Tutzing for three weeks in July and August last summer. It was such a small place, but there is much to say. Tutzing is a little Bavarian lakeside town about twenty-five miles from Munich, a terminus on the city’s broad rail line. 626 more words


A Brief History of Beer by Kathy Padden


Beer brewing and drinking are activities that have been part of the human experience seemingly since the dawn of civilization. Around 10,000 years ago, mankind began to move away from living life as nomadic hunter gatherers, and began settling down in one spot to farm the land. 1,273 more words


The Origin of AIDS

In the course of my research, I’ve come to realize that I am heading to the birthplace of the AIDS epidemic.

Extensive detective work by researchers has determined that the HIV virus was acquired by humans from chimpanzees in central Africa, and the epidemic commenced around 1921. 138 more words


Dawn on Lake George

Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York is Lake George. at the southern tip is the village that bears the lakes name. Lake George is thirty two miles from end to end. 53 more words

1608 - James I grants a licence to the Old Bushmills distillery in Co. Antrim which is thought to date from at least 1276 - the oldest distillery in the world.

King James I grants Sir Thomas Phillips a royal licence to distil ‘uisce beatha’ (whiskey.) in ‘the territory of the Rowte’ in Co. Antrim. The literal translation of uisce beatha is ‘water of life’. 40 more words

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