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Will the Real Saint Patrick Please Stand Up

With St. Patrick’s Day coming on Monday, this video explains who the real man was. Like most of history, the real story is more exciting than the myth. 22 more words


The History of Martial Arts

The world has witnessed great fighters like the Spartans, Vikings, Mongols, Huns, Romans, Ottomans, Macedonians, Goths, Knights, Persians and Celts. Warriors like Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, Hannibal, Hercules, Eric the Red, Hector, Attila, Achilles and even Siddhartha (Buddha) trained in systematic ways of fighting and lived by a code of ethics. 1,641 more words

Black Belt Way

"Crimea & the Hysteria of History"

“Well, that was fast. At the beginning of the year, it seemed apt to meditate on the catastrophes of a century past, and on the chance that we might, once again, be passengers on some Titanic of history, with a small flaw in the hull opened by some unforeseen iceberg. 43 more words

my dinos part one

Just so you know I used some artistic license on some of these, just for fun, since no one really knows what they looked like as far as colors and patterns are concerned. 329 more words