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Killer Joe

Wear your face

Killer Joe starts off in an interesting fashion, with a face full of bush, and that’s not even the most interesting part. After getting into debt with some local thugs, Emile Hirsch sets up a hit on his mother, who has a $50,000 life insurance policy, with the beneficiary being his younger sister Dottie. 228 more words

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The streets glistened with rain and lord knows what else, my flats were letting the water seep through, now my feet were clammy.
The house was silent, I still crept through the hallway almost as careful as a ninja. 190 more words


I'm not feeling the Easter Saturday guilt anymore ... it's all on Kym Worthy now.

On a domestic violence shelter counselor’s advice, I purchased and read The Sociopath Next Door.

I was grappling with how I could be fairly intelligent and yet have been so thoroughly fooled, entering into a relationship and then marriage with someone who’s intent – from the onset – was to do me harm, and that by being conned, I might have overlooked harm done by the same man to others, perhaps grievous harm. 1,012 more words

Excerpt from "Dumb Luck", Chapter Three

In room 1323 the well dressed businessman had checked in, and was at the moment taking off his jacket and tie and slipping out of his shoes to get more comfortable before making his phone call. 

134 more words

Man Confesses To 40 Killings

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A suspected contract killer charged in Central California with killing nine people confessed to investigators that he carried out up to 40 slayings in a career spanning decades, a prosecutor said Wednesday. 726 more words


The Insurance Man

The Insurance Man

     Eddy checked himself in the rearview mirror. The “worry” lines on his forehead looked deeper in the shadows cast by the streetlight across the street from his Nissan minivan. 1,574 more words

To Mikro Psari (Stratos) Review

For all those who have been asking, “When is there ever going to be a Greek version of Leon: The Professional?” please take note. Your wait is over. 490 more words