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From August 2 through September 4, the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago presents “Hitchcock: Early, Rare, and Classic,” a series of ten programs with an emphasis on overlooked and rarely shown films from the master’s early British period. 529 more words


Tell Me a Story... Explain Yourself!

Today is the first of our guest author posts!  Jake Hinkson is a film noir connoisseur and scholar who happens to also be great at… 593 more words


The Brilliance of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho"

Psycho, undoubtedly one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous films, is gripping for its shift in storyline, also for its cutting techniques (specifically, the shower scene). The film takes the audience for a cinematic ride, which was unique in 1960 for the first time viewer. 543 more words



“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again… I came upon it suddenly; the approach masked by the unnatural growth of a vast shrub that spread in all directions… There was Manderley, our Manderley, secretive and silent as it had always been, the gray stone shining in the moonlight of my dream, the mullioned windows reflecting the green lawns and terrace.

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Saul Bass - "Vertigo"

This is an excerpt of a larger piece about animated title sequences I wrote last fall. It discusses Saul Bass and his participation in Hitch’s… 863 more words

What’s a Christian Hipster supposed to do when faced with the master of suspense telling a story about 10 people stranded together at sea? Answer: Consider race relations, outrageous personalities, and potential sermon illustrations. 1,781 more words

Hipster's Guide

39 Steps: Revelation

That’s left. In front of the workshop. Seven steps from down the original crime scene. Who says dead things don’t move?