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3 things about Julian Jarrold's THE GIRL

The Girl

1. Her daughter wakes her up and she immediately starts clawing at the air.
2. Hitchcock in an apron and rubber gloves, doing the dishes. 95 more words

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon - Spellbound (1945) - Beanmimo

For our next review for the Alfred Hitchcock blogathon (our 31st), we present you with a review of Spellbound by Ben Moore of Beanmimo.

Thanks Ben for being a part of this! 737 more words

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon

Ben Moore reblogged this and commented:

This is a guest blog I wrote for MovieRob's Hitchcock Blogathon.

Frenzy (a "Better Know Your Hitchcock!" movie review)

By 1972, Alfred Hitchcock was finally able to get some boobs into a movie in the shade of Frenzy, which I believe to be the only Hitchcock movie of the R rated variety. 187 more words

Movie Reviews

North by Northwest (a "Better Know Your Hitchcock!" movie review)

Ah, North by Northwest – a quintessential Alfred Hitchcock movie! Is it the most famous? The most memorable? The most popular? Is it the best of Hitchcock’s movies? 274 more words

Movie Reviews

The Farmer's Wife [1928)

This is a painful cinematic experience.  It takes a certain amount of masochism for all but the most rabid Hitchcock fans to sit through this 129-minute snoozer.  223 more words