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Wedding photography…..eeeepp!!


So… I’ve been asked to do the photography at a friends wedding…(a massive honor of coarse)…but I’m super, super nervous!

 I’ll give you a bit of background before I waffle on, I’ve done a HND in photography a long while ago (I won’t say how long, I feel old just trying to work it out :/ ), so I know the basics and the theory. 721 more words

The Pinterest Predicament

Let me start off by saying I LOVE PINTEREST! I’ve made many-a-recipe pinned to my personal boards, and love wedding-stalking on my studio boards to see the amazing ideas couples come up with! 568 more words


Book-A-Month : Hitched - The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage

So far so good, for my Book-A-Month project. Hitched, The Modern Woman and ‘Arranged’ Marriage by Nandini Krishnan, is the second book I completed.

Lately being questioned about marriage and also branching out for an arranged marriage hasn’t been easy on my end. 318 more words


Entertainment Report: Jamie Lynn Spears Married

Brit Brit’s baby sister got married this weekend! Jamie Lynn Spears finally got hitched to her 31-year old boyfriend, Jamie Watson. Yes, they have the same name…Do you think her marriage will last longer than Britney’s??


Hitched magazine – Have your cake and eat it – January 14

Volume four of Hitch magazine was cake-themed, making it the perfect time to examine the history of the wedding cake in all its many-tiered, icing-covered glory.  159 more words

Professional Work