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Lessons in diplomacy

Hello friends,

How’s life in your neck of the world? I guess it’s day five of my walkabout. I’ve picked up a new story or two to tell you, but I promised I’d tell you about my rides into Philly. 683 more words

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He really wanted to stop. Not that he was afraid of getting caught or anything. He always made sure the friend or lover or husband did not see him. 934 more words


South African White Girl Grows Up: PART 11

I can’t call and have her say that again when I’m scared.

I’ll write or just leave messages.

I love her, but Pretoria’s not my place! 1,183 more words

South African

Our tires are melting

We’re currently preparing to flee Denver, Colorado.  We sold books at the 16th Street Mall, the Mercury Cafe, and worked our way around the area exploring.   163 more words


The times of Spanish romances 3/4

CHAPTER 3: My way on from Barcelona turned out to be experiment of patience, as expected. From outskirts, I managed to find a guy, who was filling up his car with gas, to take me those 30km south, through a soul-stirring, hilly road. 6,900 more words


Day 163 - 167: London

Once I had a whole year of winter. I went from country to country around the world, swapping hemispheres at exactly the wrong time to feel any warmth. 1,090 more words

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