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OSA Investigation Reveals the Hidden SP's on COB's Lines!

An OSA investigation has uncovered a troika of three hidden SP’s on COB’s lines.  Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg were sent in long ago as deep cover sleeper agents… 124 more words


Do Gun Bans Work? – A Canadian Story/Study

This is from Louder With Crowder.

Gun Control worked for the following people, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro.

By now you’ve no doubt heard of the… 569 more words

Hitler Coffee Creamer?

We’ve replaced their regular coffee creamer with Hitler Creamer. Let’s see if they notice!

Some coffee drinkers in Switzerland have been startled to find images of… 52 more words


Hitler Never Went Away

I just told you a story my dad shared with me when he had to rent a room with an alien abductee, Doug.

Well, he still needed a place to stay, so his buddy hooked him up with another potential place to stay, this time an older woman by the made up name of Ada, to protect her identity. 706 more words

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my favourite exchange of the month

Sometimes, on the lurk round other blogs, one stumbles across gem-like interactions between fellow bloggers in the comments section. Two of my very favourite bloggers had something very cool to say to each other in the exchange below that under ordinary circumstances would be worth republishing, but given the personalities of the two bloggers (if you’re lucky enough to know them), makes the exchange unmissable! 340 more words


Don't Judge Atheists By The Actions Of A Catholic

I’ve been bombarded by Christian apologists today and something continued to come up with each of them. It’s a mistake Christians often make when entering into a debate with an atheist and that is to mention Adolph Hitler. 481 more words


Brian Zahnd: A Farewell to Mars


Pastor and Author Brian Zahnd joins the show to talk his live tweeting of the Left Behind movie, growing up in the Jesus movement, his greatest sin and A Farewell to Mars.

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