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Brian Zahnd: A Farewell to Mars


Pastor and Author Brian Zahnd joins the show to talk his live tweeting of the Left Behind movie, growing up in the Jesus movement, his greatest sin and A Farewell to Mars.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

How the Nazi's made a Flying Saucer

Most people know Hiter was into the occult right? But some people claim that he had the technology to build an anti-gravity aquired from extraterrestrials. Check out Viewzone’s article on… 49 more words

Benjamin Netanyahu and Adolf Hitler: Uncomfortable character traits

Benjamin Netanyahu and Adolf Hitler: Uncomfortable character traits

I’m not one of those who scribble blunt little mustaches on pictures of politicians I dislike, but here I make some uncomfortable and I believe accurate observations comparing personality and character traits of a contemporary politician with one of history’s darkest figures. 3,594 more words

Nazi Israel

The Gestapo, the NKVD, and Paranoid Atheism

Name and Place for October 21 (’14)

Germany and Russia were dangerous places in the 1930’s.  They should’nt have been.  Both were rising powers, the former in Western and Central Europe, the latter in Asia and Eastern Europe.  411 more words

Name And Place


In Memory of Christopher Hitchens

Religious apologists, particularly those of the Christian variety, are big fans of what I have dubbed, the atheist atrocities fallacy. 6,121 more words

Miss Hitler 2014

A Russian competition has set out to find ‘Miss Hitler 2014′. The winner will win have an all-expenses-paid-for wedding in a Berlin basement before being forced to commit suicide and having her corpse half-cremated and buried in a shallow hole. 8 more words


Hitler and his Sexual preferences. ...The debate continues.

Albert Speer, one of Hitler’s confidants, wrote that Eva Braun would prove “a great disappointment to historians”. She may disappoint historians, but the woman who was Frau Hitler for just 24 hours, before engaging in a joint suicide pact in 1945, has proved an enduring fascination for other writers. 445 more words