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Worries for Mark: Is Ukraine the start of WWIII?

Several days ago, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was quoted as saying:

“Russian forces could take over Ukraine’s capital in two weeks’ time, if they wished.”

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Diana Belchase

An Australian author I enjoy

I have written previously about the debut novel of Sulari Gentill but since that time she has been prolific in her writings.  I have read… 323 more words


Here's How World War II Began

On a desktop, hover over the map to zoom; on mobile, click to zoom.

Seventy-five years this week, World War II began. “The telephone in Franklin Roosevelt’s bedroom at the White House rang at 2:50 a. 324 more words

Barack Obama The Progressive

Barack Obama embodies a pure opportunist devoid of loyalty to men, ideas and our country. He is more than willing to break oaths and say or do anything to achieve and hold power. 582 more words


Cuentos Cortos: Mein Führer

Siempre que tenga la oportunidad de leer un cuento sobre los viajes en el tiempo para matar/salvar a Adolf Hitler, me la aprovecho. “Mein  275 more words

50 Books

thoughts on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the invasion of poland

September 1, 1939: Seventy-five years ago today, when my grandparents were twelve years old, Adolf Hitler invaded their country. 

My grandparents lived in a village near Lwow in the eastern part of Poland.   702 more words


A Comparison of Persons with Disabilities - 1930's America vs. Putin's Russia

In previous posts, I have mentioned that the conditions in Russia were bad for Joshua.  People with disabilities (especially orphan children) are not even 2nd class citizens there…they are among the worst of the worst…not fully human under Putin’s regime.   569 more words