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"Does your library carry a copy of Mein Kampf?

Last week a patron came up to the desk and said, “I have a kind of a weird question.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“Does your library carry a copy of  551 more words


Why National Socialism is NOT racist

Suzanne (Erika Hazarhun aka Gatia Ilene Love Osh aka Spookiecat)! Instead of harassing and abusing us educate yourself about the truth, you hideous psychopath…

The enemies of National Socialism did everything to create and link us to a picture of ignorant and prejudiced. 2,540 more words

Clueless Crux of the Klan

Clueless Crux of the Klan

Bound by
blood-spilled ties
Lies lingering
on forked tongues

Generations of

Toddlers in Klan hoods
pointy as their parents’ heads… 202 more words


The Book Thief (Book Review) by Markus Zusak

I think the words that would most certainly describe the book for me would be: devastatingly beautiful.

The author has narrated the story of young girl in the times of war in Germany—a child who grows up watching the death of her brother, abandonment from her mother and restarting of another life at Himmel Street, only to be torn apart again by the death of the people who she has loved more than herself. 238 more words


Crazy People, A Fiction Story (Part 2 of 2)

Klara sat up straighter and put her arm protectively around her son’s shoulders (he shrugged her off). “I most certainly will not! My young Adolf needs protected! 297 more words


What’s In a Name: The Arthur Lauer Story

Going to War: Part II

Anzio, about 35 miles south of our main objective Rome, was a small resort area prior to the war.  Our initial landing on the beaches had been a great surprise to the Germans as far as our invasion point. 492 more words

Hitler and "Balfour Declaration"

Hitler’s tyranny is misinterpreted by most, I saw posts praising Hitler for killing Jews which is completely a fake viewpoint, Germany and ottoman empire were allies during first world war, It has been a known fact that Hitler first gave safe passage to all European Jews to escape death, those who went out as per “BALFOUR DECLARATION” before 1933 survived others were killed. 146 more words

Free Being