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A postscript

to “Rockwell’s numinous call
vs. white nationalism”

This is a postscript to the entry celebrating the 125th birthday of Hitler that has been just published on my main blog, The West’s Darkest Hour. 1,338 more words

White Nationalism

How long BJP survives from attacks of Na Mo Party

Narendra Modi emerged as a BJP candidate for PM by breaking all obstacles. It is a new phenomena in Indian politics that powerful corporate sector can project anyone as their candidate from any party. 1,206 more words

Disturbing News from Europe

The news which is lately coming out of Eastern Europe is anything but encouraging.  Old nationalisms and hatreds which more properly belong to past centuries are popping up as if the blood soaked tragedy that was the twentieth century never happened.   720 more words


Hitler Youth Recruitment Photo

Above is a Hitler Youth Recruitment Photo.  Before wwii and during the war, Nazi Germany used patriotic posters in order to put all society’s attention into Nazi Germany and war. 49 more words

Pocket Ponderings: Happy Easter, Hitler!

Poke’Pon (Pocket Ponderings) – noun. a thought so small you can keep it in your pocket and take it everywhere with you.

Today, Adolf Hitler… 122 more words

Beyond Faith