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More Than Just Jews: Socratic Seminar Discussion

By: Cameron Brown

On Thursday, December 18, our classroom engaged in a discussion known as a Socratic Seminar. These seminars involve two circles: one is key in discussion on the inside, and the outer circle listens, takes notes, and asks questions by stepping in the inner circle’s “hot seat.” 259 more words

Freshmen Class Discussion

A bigger holocaust than Hitlers

When I heard about the holocaust for the first time, it was insane to realise this had actually happened. I couldn’t believe anyone would do that to other human beings. 1,416 more words

Society And Traditions

From Munich to AStA Elections: How Hitler stabilized and won the student vote

A largely resurgent NSDAP led a desperate push back into the University lecture halls and campuses, to greatly varying degrees of success, from 1926 to 1933. 1,852 more words

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists: Christian Extremists?

When faced with Islamic terrorism,such as the recent hostage situation in Sydney, Australia, many commentators, mostly on social media platforms, take up the banner of trying to defend the Islamists. 4,012 more words

Culture And Society

Wholly Misleading Half Truth: Healthcare and Euthanasia

Technically speaking, this is true. However, the conclusion we are expected to make, that universal governmental health care invariably leads to sterilization and euthanasia, is not universally attested, to say the least. 13 more words


'That is awesome': Mel Brooks shares a story about WWII that will make your day

My brother Lenny wrote “Happy Hannukah Hitler” on one of the bombs he dropped from his B17 Flying Fortress in WWII #AVeryMelHannukah

— Mel Brooks (@MelBrooks) …

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