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Maxi 3

Maxi knew things had been going too well for months. He knew that their luck would run out at some point—and if Nikki wasn’t a magnet for bad luck. 516 more words


Rugby Senior Team: The Hitmen

The backs

Full back:Martin Mathers
Wings:Lenard Kent number 11 and number 14 Andrew Tree
Centres:Rai Billford number 12 and number 13 Peter Fair
Fly half: Magness Mark… 39 more words


Home Game #3: Battle of Alberta 2014, Part I

October 3rd, 2014: Calgary Hitmen 2, Oil Kings 1

The Oil Kings fell short to the Hitmen in the first game of the 2014-15 regular season Battle of Alberta, with a bit of a lacklustre effort from both sides. 392 more words


Why I Love Big Brother

I love the show Big Brother and this season, more than ever, I found myself invested in the show watching the live feeds and actually understanding the back story of the show. 308 more words


Maxi 1

Maxi sighed as he slid his wallet back into his ass-pocket. The tab was paid, he just had to collect his cowboy, but when he turned around from the bar, Nikki still wasn’t back from the bathroom or if he’d come out, he’d gotten distracted as tends to happen. 587 more words


"High Speed Graphic Content, or Sloth for Hire" by Josh Erdahl

Tabitha stood on the top limb of the Elm looking down into the sleepy little hamlet. Tucked away in the valleys of Nor’western Nowhere, the village, Gottspit, still fashioned itself a hideaway from the realities of the modern world. 400 more words


FILM • DAISY+VIOLET • tiny frame

Inappropriately small and off-centre framed pic of James Gandolfini’s estranged daughter.
Placed to maximise subtext in close up and wider shots.