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Is Gay Blood Gay?

Recently in a place called America, the top half of it, well below Canada, gay men can’t give blood. This is because all gay men have HIV Aids which is a disease that straight people don’t get – lucky them.   394 more words

Dream of Ding Village

With Dream of Ding Village, Yan Lianke shines a light into the often very hazy world of Chinese local politics and just how broadly spread HIV AIDS virus outbreak of the late 80s was. 275 more words

Bit Of Both

Hulagway Dos

Hulagway Dos is a photoshoot open to all advocates for HIV-AIDS awareness. Every participant is required to pay a minimum fee, which is then donated to a local organization that supports people living with AIDS. 16 more words

The issue of having to put on ‘correctly’ has been a bone of contention recently in Kenya.Whilst many young girls are dressing ‘poorly’ as a way of romanticizing themselves before their fellow men..(or what else could it be?), the public has been irked by that idea and has taken to stripping women naked in public,claiming that that they are being blinded by agnosticism and sheer secularism. 160 more words


Heather's Story

My name is Heather Arculeo, and I am a prior United States Marine Corps Firefighter that was diagnosed as HIV + in 2007. It was my 25th birthday; I was married, and was a mother of two beautiful girls, so I was confused and could not understand how this diagnosis was possible. 553 more words

HIV Positive

10 HIV/AIDS Myths Debunked

There have been a lot of myths about HIV and AIDS spread around for years. But today we’re clearing the top 10 up. Listen to the audio player to hear 10 things that just are not true about HIV/AIDS! 34 more words

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Rwanda/BBC Documentary: Filip Reyntjens and Jane Corbin Are Precipitate Extremists

I watched the BBC documentary ‘Rwanda’s Untold Story’ by Jane Corbin with her fellow imprudent gang with dismay. 606 more words