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Diary of a clinical fellow- HIV vaccine trial research

Training as a doctor in sexual health has been rich, colourful and never dull. I initially got involved in clinical trials because I wanted to gain more perspective on the ‘bigger picture.’ As clinicians we are constantly focusing on the individual patient in front of us, building an important relationship between clinician and patient. 197 more words

Stay healthy with HIV

Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus requires extra attention in order to live longer. By boosting the immune system, it is possible to stay healthy. Here are a few tips… 458 more words

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VT Medicine: Concerns Regarding Ebola

Source: Veterans Today, by Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, M.D., October 16th, 2014

Peter Piot – Mr. Ebola “We saw a gigantic worm like-structure — gigantic by viral standards. 2,498 more words


I am the worst blogger (because I've been doing this stuff instead).

I don’t know what to do with this blog. Maybe I don’t need to do anything– it’s just that, I realized tonight that I hadn’t posted anything in it since June. 896 more words

Discussing Homosexuality, HIV and Reaffirming myself in the Closet

In early 1998 a Peace Corp Youth Officer was assigned to my church to help to build up our Youth Group. Remembering her she was anything but youthful, her pale skin and long white hair reflected years of service and experience. 751 more words


Public Health in the News - October 19, 2014


  • An ambitious UNAIDS initiative aims to block the spread of HIV by 2020, banking on growing evidence that antiretroviral therapy (ART) equals prevention.
  • As the Ebola outbreak rages on, read a powerful, touching, and most importantly, useful piece by…
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Coca Leaf, Cannabis, Consumption, Pneumonia & HIV/AIDS


One of the most effective applications of Medical Cannabis is to relieve the suffering from a set of core symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS. The primary HIV/AIDS symptoms that yield to Cannabis therapy are anxiety, appetite loss and nausea. 3,754 more words