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Do human beings still evolve?

Do human beings still evolve?

By Shlomo Maital


   Pick up a 2-week-old copy of TIME magazine, and it’s worse than stale, like week-old fish. Pick up a 4-year-old copy of Scientific American, as I did recently, and it’s still fresh as a daisy. 293 more words

HIV+, kids no ground to reduce punishment for rapist

HIV+, kids no ground to reduce punishment for rapist

Woman infects over 300 men purposely with HIV

A 19-year-old Kenyan student is on a mission to infect over 2,000 men with HIV and she’s already more than 15% towards her goal according to recent blog or journal entry that has been published. 1,010 more words

Amigos son los amigos...

Al salir del hospital y con el diagnóstico más difícil de entender quizá en mi vida, lo primero que hice fue llamarla a ella. Kari fue la primera persona en conocer la noticia de que vivo con VIH. 501 more words

What are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS?

Dear reader,

Most people do not know that HIV comes in three stages. The first stage of HIV is acute infection, seroconversion, which typically takes about two to six weeks after being infected. 299 more words

first HIV now gastro-intestinal cancer - roger luncheon surrenders to death

HIV breaks you down then the other diseases move in and flourish. gastro-intestinal cancer has taken over roger luncheon lungs.
speaking to the press dr. evil revealed he has surrendered to death and has ceased all treatment.