City on a hill

As I concluded the first session of my training, “The Gospel and wholistic ministry,” I asked if anyone had any questions before the next trainer took the floor.  616 more words


#Fucked into #Justice

Some folks have to be fucked to realize the world doesn’t care for consent. Nobody ever asked for classism, sexism, apartheid, white supremacy, racism, homoantagonism, heterosexism, ableism, femmephobia, transantagonism, patriarchy, nativism, homonormativity, genocide, colonialism, imperialism, religious persecution….well except those with the power to fuck.


Anti-AIDS, Pro-Gay, or Both?

One of the most sacred of sacred cows in the global fight against HIV and AIDS is the mantra that archaic laws prohibiting homosexual conduct must be repealed in order to make further progress in controlling the spread of the disease. 2,270 more words

Caring for AIDS-affected families in Dali


The AIDS-affected need love and acceptance but AIDS is a taboo in China, so sufferers face rejection and isolation, and are under indescribable pressure. 327 more words


Vancouver pharmacies first in Canada to provide free HIV testing

Vancouver is the first city in Canada where you can take a free HIV test at a pharmacy.

Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care announced Tuesday that they’re piloting the feasibility of local pharmacies offering HIV tests to customers by introducing the test at two Vancouver Medicine Shoppe locations. 313 more words


Gay men are shaming each other over the anti-HIV drug that could save their lives

What would it be like to live in a world where preventive medication has rendered HIV completely non-infectious? In the general population, this question may seem somewhat less pressing, but among gay and bisexual men, especially those who live in urban centers like New York and San Francisco, it’s been a topic of intense debate during recent weeks. 955 more words