Laieski vs. FDA

Caleb Laieski may be young, tall and lanky, but he’s a fighter.

At his Arizona high school, anti-gay bullying was so bad that he had to drop out and complete his education in a GED program. 594 more words


A Mountain of Struggle and Pride

A story of HIV/AIDS and drug use in Nepal, and some of the challenges facing its’ people in the years ahead. A unique insight by an INPUD member, Anjay Kumar KC… 1,389 more words


I Couldn't Take It Down

Ending my day in grief is something I’ve never liked. This video of Pat Robertson and his statements about Kenya became the second pissant, adding to the previous article on People’s Voice mag about Ebola in Africa. 353 more words


Coca Leaf, Cannabis, Consumption, Pneumonia & HIV/AIDS


One of the most effective applications of Medical Cannabis is to relieve the suffering from a set of core symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS. The primary HIV/AIDS symptoms that yield to Cannabis therapy are anxiety, appetite loss and nausea. 3,754 more words

Causes Of Non-Adherence To ART Medication & Possible Solutions

A Look at Psychosocial Problems As Factors in Non-adherence to ART Medication by HIV-Positive MSM – by M. Butler

Problems which some patients have in adhering to ART (antiretroviral therapy) medication may have a basis in psychosocial factors, such as mental health issues and/or substance use, a recent clinical review has revealed, and so interventions which address 617 more words


10 Questions for The WHO About Ebola

By Activist Post
Global Research
October 17, 2014
Activist Post
16 October 2014

The World Health Organization is claiming that we are facing the most severe health crisis ever with the alleged Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 503 more words


Ebola: Do Travel Restrictions Work?

This article is quite interesting, it was taken from Burden of Proof, a regular column in which Julia Belluz (a journalist) and Steven Hoffman (an academic) join forces to tackle the most pressing health issues of our time — especially bugs, drugs, and pseudoscience thugs — and uncover the best science behind them. 1,855 more words