Alcohol Consumption Patterns, Illicit Drug Use, and Sexual Risk Behavior Among MSM and Transgender Women in San Salvador

Alcohol consumption and drug use impairs cognitive functioning and may affect health outcomes, especially in cases of heavy use or abuse.  Studies have shown higher rates of heavy drinking and drug use among men who have sex with men (MSM) compared to heterosexual men. 116 more words


HIV/AIDS 30 Years On: MSM Ignorant, In Denial

For more than three decades we have lived with HIV/AIDS. The earliest years of the epidemic were characterized by both dread and hope, anxiety and action. 413 more words

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HIV And The LGBT Community: Getting My First HIV Test... And Some Education

Okay, let me dig deep and make an admission. As an LGBTQIA+ person, I’ve never had a formal HIV test.* You’d think that, also, as a healthcare provider, I would be more likely to have done this. 2,341 more words

Thomas Davis Featured in Health Line's Portraits of HIV

“I deal with stigma by speaking out about my experiences and being open to any questions people have about HIV even if it is no one else’s business. 49 more words


The Portugal Drug Reform Model

The year is 1920 and the United States is entering one of the darker times in its history, PROHIBITION.

Imagine a life where you have no outlet for alcohol. 627 more words

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All My Life

Mahal kita. Mahal n Mahal. Salamat mahal mo din ako. 😄☺

Thank you for spending your time with me. Thank you for the quality time, for being you and for loving me.  31 more words

Applying Geospatial Tools to Rugg’s Staircase Method for Monitoring and Evaluation

This paper seeks to illustrate the important role geospatial analysis can have on monitoring and evaluation (M&E). It moves beyond the hypothetical scenarios that have been previously used in the literature to discuss specific, real world examples of how geospatial tools, methods, and techniques have been used to support M&E. 31 more words