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The Bee Hive Boutique

The door screeches its welcome as he enters

Then clangs out a grumble as it is ignored, again

He lifts up his leg to show off new shoes… 67 more words


Crib Sheet on Apache Hive Joins !

Thank you for your valuable time & it’s much appreciated. This time i like to share the blog called “Crib Sheet on Apache Hive Joins !” – a  handy Apache Hive Joins reference card or cheat sheet. 914 more words


Be as a Bee with a Queen

Posted by: simplybearded

Consider the following example, as explained by St. Francis de Sales:

Bees cannot rest as long as they have no queen. They flutter about incessantly, wandering ; there is scarcely any repose in the hive.

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Res Ipsa Loquitur (Onn)

“Honey, don’t.”

Seventeen-year-old Orlaith looked up from the beehive tucked into the dead ash stump.  She’d been wanting to sit and study the thing, commune with it, and figure out its secrets all on her own, but her sisters wouldn’t let her.  1,550 more words

My Fiction

Essential Oils, make Happy bees

Last year, when our bees where failing, I would go out to their bee hive, and anoint the box with YL Cedar wood Essential Oil. The box, is made from Cedar wood, and I thought ok Cedar Essential oil- this makes sense. 236 more words

Jenel Posts

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabelle 071914

It has been two and a half months since my bees arrived at their new home and it is high time something very important happened. The Queen needed to be named! 634 more words

Apiary Visits

Inspected hives on 7/19, larva and capped brood!

All the hives have larva and capped brood.  Saw the queen in the 4th hive. (The one that I split off of that was the winter survivor hive).   214 more words