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Bạn muốn xem phim xem online kèm theo sub (phụ đề) một cách sớm nhất mà không phải đợi các trang xem online upload lên? Bạn muốn tải torrent bằng IDM? 599 more words


eBay open sources a big, fast SQL-on-Hadoop database

Online auction site eBay has open sourced a database technology called Kylin that the company says enables fast queries over even petabytes of data stored in Hadoop. 368 more words

Powershell: Add user to groups from array

I am trying to write a PowerShell script that will create a user based off of Department and Position and add them to the AD groups specific to that position. 231 more words


Aussie Bees Fight 'Hive Wars'

Link to article.

Scientists had assumed that bee battles seen around Brisbane were between colonies of the same species

Bee colonies in Brisbane are waging war for months on end, sending waves of workers who collide, grapple and die. 776 more words


HGSE Hackathon Demo Day and EdTech Showcase

This was my first Hackathon experience ever, and I have to say it was really fun. Throughout the entire event I found myself riding this high energy wave. 721 more words


HDP: Analysing Twitter Hashtags using Hive

Hive implements MapReduce using HiveQL. The built-in capabilities of HiveQL abstracts the implementation of mappers and reducers with a simple yet powerful SQL like query language. 617 more words


Yahoo! on Hive 0.13 Performance Note - Strataconf Tweets

Just wanted to share an interesting note I read:

@gwenshap (a good follow) shared an interesting note from one of the talks:

10TB data set, x10 faster with Hive 0.13 compared to Hive 0.10.

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