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While waiting for spring to ... sprung

In the garden, with the bees – some days we just need to prepare for the season ahead. Today was one of those days.

Trev was working on making a section of the property fox-proof. 112 more words


Nothing much going on with the hives.

We’re between nectar flows and I’m leaving the ladies alone.  They were a bit pissed when I last inspected them and they stung me on the lib through my veil, and on my wrist through my gloves and jacket, and on my thigh through my jeans.   34 more words


Backyard Battles

I enjoy mowing the lawn.

I find relaxation atop my Home Depot Orange simplicity lawn tractor. I steer with my right hand and I drink a non-alcoholic beer with my left. 374 more words


IP and Business Presentation in Vancouver, B.C.

Wanted to let you all know that my colleague Rachel Buker (blogger for Art and Artifice) and I will be giving a free lunch-time presentation on IP and business legal issues Canadian entrepreneurs, start-ups and other businesses may face as they enter the U.S. 49 more words

United States

Rules Don't Apply to Bees - Part 2 (The Girls Come Home)

Sunday, August 24, 2014 (1PM)

A week after Pink Hive Swarmed, I’m at a vineyard with friends, and the phone rings. I answered to a frantic hubster who is claiming that the swarm has returned and “they are moving back into Pink Hive”. 634 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 17 - Ambush!

It was time to give van Bruggen his chip. On the way over, however, I got a bit, well, side-tracked by storage units. Four of them. 569 more words


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ep. 16 - Shanghai Justice

My goal for this session was to complete the side quest “Shanghai Justice” for Malik, but on my way over to the Hive bar, I was sidetracked by another security vault. 385 more words