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Tal como diz o titulo deste post, como não bastasse um por acabar, meti na minha cabeça “dura” que tinha de começar a escrever outro livro. 80 more words


A Hadoop Ecosystem Overview: Including HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Hive, Pig, and HBase

Hadoop is a Shared Nothing Framework that enables businesses to generate value from data that was previously considered too expensive to be stored and processed in a traditional data warehouse. 62 more words

Forming Hive Tables

While forming tables in Hive there were few obstacles which I had faced. Here are the few things which I learnt about Hive tables and querying them. 379 more words

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Forming a JDBC Connection to Hive

Forming a connection to Hive can said to be the first step towards implementing Hadoop. Although it is basic but few of the problems faced can be quite frustrating. 472 more words

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HDInsight: Analysing Twitter Hashtags using Hive

Hive implements MapReduce using HiveQL. The built-in capabilities of HiveQL abstracts the implementation of mappers and reducers with a simple yet powerful SQL like query language. 679 more words


The Hive.

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hive exception

Was Facing following issue
$ hive -e ‘create table t1 ( name string ) ;’

Logging initialized using configuration in file:/u01/hive/conf/hive-log4j.properties
FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask. 59 more words