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Half-Life 3 Fact or Fiction?

The original Half-Life was released back in the 1998.It became the best FPS game of all time so it still is today. After the original Half-Life Valve has realised other Half-Life games like Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Blue Shift they also became very popular. 515 more words



Why did I say Maybe? Well, there are some positives.
– Some cool scripted stuff
– One fun part IMO when you go through the grate and save Barney… 111 more words



A common complaint I have with FPS games is linearity. This shows that off rather well. It’s an extremely short and extremely linear map without very many enemies and with weird breakable doors. 160 more words



I have no idea what to say about this. It’s a defense map that took me almost an hour to beat. It’s fun at first but gets really REALLY tedious. 127 more words



You didn’t miss much, Phillip, the puzzle you quit on was the last.

Anyway, this isn’t too horrible but definitely needs much more work. The first and third puzzles aren’t really even puzzles. 146 more words


Big Explosion Theory

This could’ve been a Play It Now or even a Personal Favourite from me if it weren’t for one thing. The Vortigaunts. In HL1, Vorts got rid of a decent amount of your possibly 100 health. 185 more words


The Bana

I don’t get all the bad ratings, I had fun with this map. I love the setting, and the architecture is great as well.
The gameplay is pretty fun in my opinion. 122 more words