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When Being Proven Wrong is a Good Thing

It has been a while since I have written anything substantial other than a few rants here and there. Time has gotten away from me. Between the fundraiser and this new job I am trying to land, I have been straight-out, too busy to acknowledge peoples’ birthdays on Facebook kind of busy. 1,364 more words


Bravery Beads and My Heart Warrior


       Colena’s Bravery Beads

At Sick Kids Hospital and other children’s hospitals there is a program called Bravery Beads. This program gives beautifully coloured beads to children facing life challenging illnesses after each procedure that they endure. 314 more words


It's just the beginning

I can’t believe I’ve jumped into this world of blogging. How daunting it seems to me and I kind of feel silly saying that when it will probably be a snap once I get going (hopefully). 528 more words

Finding Purpose

Purpose.  Meaning.  I think it’s the great mystery in life.  When you grow up in church, and you’re in youth group and stuff, they always talking about “Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life” (aka “calling”).  808 more words


I have a ten-ager

First, I’d like to say, Thank goodness I’m still alive. Because based on the picture above, if looks could kill, I’d be a dead duck. I snapped this picture of Colman through the window yesterday after I told him I thought he should go outside to play for a bit. 1,246 more words

So here we are with 2 days until the fundraiser and one day before Isabelle’s sedated echo. I have been pretty preoccupied with so many different things- people, work and the fundraiser that I haven’t thought about our appointment on Friday. 344 more words


A Better Introduction

I am Tracy, a 29-year-old G2P1 lady at 37 weeks gestation. I am carrying a fetus identified to have hypoplastic left heart syndrome. 

This is the intro to the letter that Annie’s cardiologist wrote to the NICU staff for instructions about her care during and after delivery.  402 more words