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Tomorrow I turn 42. Tomorrow is the 42nd anniversary of when I was brought into the world thanks to the selfless sacrifice Patricia made that day in September 1972. 482 more words


One of my favorite ad campaigns is the Nike “Just Do It” one that basically says quit complaining about your fat ass, just run. Ok, maybe that’s not what it says to everyone but that is what it says to me. 779 more words


Fortune's Fool

I wouldn’t define fortunate as carrying a baby who has a prenatally diagnosed  severe heart defect. I wouldn’t define fortunate as parenting a baby who lives with that rare heart defect. 276 more words

Attention Heart Dads: You are Mighty

Hey you…Heart Dads.  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  Ever feel like you’re the forgotten one sometimes?  Hey it’s ok, it happens…our kiddos are the stars (and rightly so), Heart Moms are Super-Moms (and rightly so) and Heart Dads?   1,385 more words


It takes a certain type of woman to make a heart mom. It doesn’t always come naturally. Some slowly evolve into the advocates their child needs while others jump in with both feet. 1,040 more words


Stage 3 - Third Time's the Charm

Having a child with a complex heart defect is pretty challenging. The first being accepting that something went wrong in those first 8 weeks that caused the defect and doing your best not to second guess everything you ate while you were pregnant. 609 more words


Annie's Mom

Oh, YOU’RE Annie’s mom!

Oh, you’re ANNIE’S mom!

Oh, you’re Annie’s MOM!? I know, I look young enough to be her sister, right?, I’ve resisted replying to this intonation. 581 more words