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Weekend Express loses an hour

HLN Weekend Express, anchored by Lynn Berry, loses an hour of its program this week. It used to run from 7a-1pET (just like Morning Express… 90 more words


Daily Share — Flagship of HLN

So just yesterday, I discovered that The Daily Share was, in fact, on its way… And I found its Twitter account. Today, in a Google search for the show to see if anything interesting would come up… Guess what did? 120 more words


The Daily Share is on its way

As I mentioned all the way back in April, HLN had announced a block of new programming. The only one with any potential to be interesting was… 209 more words


America belongs to Americans

America’s Disgrace

America has welcomed many people to enter our country, work hard, follow the rules and become citizens. In Florida a major international city,we have lost all control over the language, the borders, the government. 386 more words

America's Dream


I’m on the run Lateresa A. Jones for Lt. Governor with Farid Khavari Independent for Governor 2014. Together we have the opportunity to “Help the People of Florida, Help themselves”. 353 more words

Crist met with angry BLACK PASTORS

The picture looked like this, except they were black men. When will women stop allowing men to dictate what’s good for them? NO WOMEN?

This is a joke, all the pastors have chartered schools attached to the churches. 67 more words

CNN Ordered to Rehire Over 100 Union Techs, Compensate Many More

The National Labor Relations Board order in a decade-long case comes at a difficult time for the network 626 more words