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PRINTED NEWS from #MauriceKirk: wheelchair conspiracy, Parole Board Hearing, 'Assault' on HMP Head of Security

Maurice’s drama is certainly more dramatic than any fiction writer could have dreamt it up. It’s been suggested to get to the gist of it. Well, I did that in 2009 after I met him. 248 more words

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More horrors for #MauriceKirk - from a fellow prisoner. Please call #HMPSwansea 01792 485300!

Release Maurice from HMP Swansea asap.

You can’t make it up: the ‘frozen’ establishment where nobody dares to move vs the nearly 300 people who at least put their name to our petition to Here is the latest email from Maurice’s sister: 224 more words

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State organised murder in #HMPSwansea! Please help #MauriceKirk!

So far, 294 supporters have signed the petition to release Maurice from HMP Swansea.

Here’s what I just wrote to them:

3 Nov 2014 — Long term supporter Guido has just published this news from Maurise’s sister on his website… 747 more words

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Dear BBC, does #MagnaCarta apply to #mauricekirk? Can you get #FairTrials 4 him?

One of Maurice’s supporters wrote:

Dear BBC

You feature the Magna Carta and its anniversary date in your news programme. You tell us that enshrined in the Magna Carta is the right to a fair trial and that right is still relevant today.   241 more words

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OPEN EMAIL 2 #HMPSwansea #Governor after visit by #Prison #Inspector Nick Hardwick #mauricekirk

Dear Governor


In the wake of Mr Nick Hardwick’s inspection of HMP Swansea, this is to ask what prevents you from ensuring that Mr Kirk… 252 more words

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LITIGANT in Person, in wheelchair imprisoned with trumped up charges #SouthWalesPolice

The Flying Vet Maurice Kirk should be celebrated for his activities as pilot and veterinary surgeon. But South Wales Police have been after him for some 20 years and managed to get his licence revoked, besides keeping him fraudulently in prison for a total of some 4 years. 315 more words

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