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BAD DOCTORS 'retire to avoid hearings' and the GMC has no responsibility

So he is not alone that former Director of Caswell Clinic who claimed that Maurice had ‘serious brain damage possibly brain cancer‘…  He is one of many who avoid accountability by retiring, as Steven Swinford, the Senior Political Correspondent writes in The Telegraph. 169 more words

Fair Trial

THEY WANT ME TO DIE before my court case in November: 'diagnosed' with paranoid personality disorder

Who are ‘they’?

1. South Wales Police SWP

  • there are too many salaries and pensions at stake by those who committed white collar crimes and cover-ups;
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IT'S IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN: the Police runs the Adult (and Child) Porn Industry in the UK

There are always more dots to join, it seems:

  • between South Wales Police who are responsible for the extreme and exceptional case of bullying, harassment and torture of 
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WHAT DO Maurice Kirk and Brian Pead have in common? Unlawfully imprisoned Litigants in Person!

Being a Litigant in Person is one thing, for you are up against

  • solicitors, barristers and judges who have let you down
  • not knowing the right procedures and ‘remedies’
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