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Among the Hmong in Meo Vac

It’s a funny and rather confusing mixture of contradictions in Meo Vac in Ha Giang Province, N.E Vietnam. The landscape is impressive but mad; huge rocky limestone karsts rising out of the mountains, rocks strewn all over the hillsides, and winding mountain roads reaching up into the low clouds, all of which would conspire to make it rather bleak and foreboding were it not for one other very important ingredient in the mix. 790 more words


Hmong new movies release 2014 - 2015 Full Pt.2

hmong new movies 2014-2015 Nywj vag teem mam txiav txim Hmong new movies release 2014 Hmong new movies release 2014 full HD Hmong new movies release 2014 Off… 6 more words

All M.Y.V do, is make Progress

As a “Hmong-American woman”, this itself is already a¬†barrier to success. But I will not let that discourage me from going beyond the walls of my culture and this American life.¬† 219 more words


Full Circle

When I was in college, a couple of friends and I tutored a Hmong family twice a week in English. We came to know them fairly well, and I ended up serving as the maid-of-honor in their niece’s arranged marriage. 167 more words


I’m in California! I was so excited to be in California because family is here and I’ll have an abundance of places to get fabrics and such. 126 more words