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EV Day #5 (continued) and a little Day #6 Preview

Okay, so when we left off on my last post, I’d left Highclere Castle, heading back to London to sneak into Selfridge’s before meeting Mr. Tattered for dinner. 486 more words

Gangplank Style

During the recent temporary relocation of northernbike.com global media headquarters to a wi-fi free location on the south coast I was standing on a beach looking out over the English Channel, desperately trying to pick up a whiff of moules marinières or a few bars of… 231 more words

Looking At Views

King: Remains of great warship from War of 1812 largely forgotten

Once the greatest warship to sail the Great Lakes, it was larger than Horatio Nelson’s legendary HMS Victory, and bigger than anything in the American fleet during the War of 1812. 782 more words

Local News

Getting drunk on blood (and other historical oddities)

For a 28 year old, my Andrew has a larger-than-average appetite for History. It’s one of the things I love about him – unlike me, he doesn’t spend reading time escaping into the love lives of ditzy London/New York/Paris career girls, but rather absorbing facts and figures from years gone by. 799 more words

What have I let myself in for...?

After going through the instructions for both models I have I worked out that I needed 21 tins of paint (mind you one of them is just to paint the indicators on the Bus) with my numbers in hand I proceed to my local model shop and then come home again after I realize just how much they are charging, internet here I come. 88 more words

HMS Victory

My next project...

Since finishing my MA project, I have started many projects but, without a deadline to stick to, they have all been put to one side as something more important comes along. 206 more words

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