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When a Hoarder Throws Something Away

Since I was in 8th grade I’ve never thrown out a piece of writing. No matter how bad it was, I never threw anything out because I thought that one day it would be fun to look back and maybe build off of my old ideas. 291 more words

Letting Go

Another clearing out.

There seems to be quite a lot of interest in belongings. How many you have, how many you don’t have. There are entire shows dedicated to people who hoard everything from used toilet paper to beautiful artwork. 233 more words


noah's wardrobe

Inspired by Luke Svarc‘s Seven Deadly Sins post over on Menswear Style I’ve decided to write a short post about the (completely unintentional) Biblical influence on my wardrobe – Noah.  277 more words

Seen And Not Heard

A Poem I've Been Hanging on to

The Angst that a Hare Feels When His Lover Dies of an Excess of Carrots


I want to cry you a poem

I will scream you a soliloquy… 191 more words

I've Outdone Myself: The Mortifying Internal Dialogue That Happened Tonight

Tonight I decided to “organize.” Specifically the lunch box cabinet, and only because when I opened the door I was straight AMBUSHED by Subway reusable kids meal bags.  732 more words