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Welcome! About me and my new blog

I am something of a hoarder. Not just in the physical sense of hoarding things, but also in a less tangible sense as a hoarder of ideas and even emotions and opinions. 584 more words


From Hoarder To Minimalist (well sort of)

Is it possible to change from being a hoarder to a minimalist? Do life changes determine whether you are one of the 2, or whether you change from being one to another? 586 more words


I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

I am a saver. On the border of a hoarder, but still safely on the saver side. Regardless, it’s clear some culling needs to be done. 965 more words


NY mail carrier accused of hoarding 40,000 letters

NEW YORK (AP) – A New York City postal carrier is accused of failing to deliver more than 40,000 pieces of mail, some dating to 2005. 112 more words


Baby steps

I’ve had friends round so I’ve tidied up my piles of papers downstairs to make the place look a bit better. The pile of paper on the kitchen counter is in the bin and I’ve done some filing. 260 more words

The next reality show: Data Hoarders

The thought of becoming a TV star didn’t strike me as possible until lately when I looked around at all the hard drives and other storage devices in my office. 441 more words

Living Well