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Throwing Stuff Out

I’m a hoarder. I’m probably one of the worst along with my Mum and Nanna. I never throw anything out. I still have baby clothes and books and toys and EVERYTHING. 195 more words


Visual Road Map 6

Seminar 6 is another unorthodox session, this time the seminar took place in Dundee, which is the City that i work in. So for me, it was a more relaxed and quick drive through from Perth, instead of the usual 3 hours round trip to Aberdeen. 120 more words

Visual Road Map

Six Tips to Start Tackling Clutter

Some people are already following this blog which is a wonderful surprise. Thanks for signing up! And do feel free to comment if you have questions, thoughts or feedback. 923 more words


Hoarding or Not Clearing Up?

“I wondered how much your dad was hoarding and how much this was ‘not clearing up’ (there is a difference) because of his state of mind.” … 848 more words


How I Got Here (Part One)

Nobody¬†wants to be a functioning hoarder. Nobody thinks: “Hey, I’d love to surround myself with mountains of clutter until I’m so overwhelmed I cry when the doorbell rings.” 683 more words



I used to organize the photos from my phone and back them up every month or so. But ever since laziness took over, I now have slightly more than a year’s worth of poorly taken photos and screenshots of random stuff hoarding my laptop’s limited memory. 209 more words


Holding On and Letting Go

I have been rapidly accumulating stuff. Things that I own, but do not use. Things that remind me of good times, and bad. Things that I thought were cool, but I never use. 337 more words