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Simple Living: Less is More

Ahhh….it’s the simple things in life.  We have all heard that saying, but I’m just now starting to realize that it really IS the simple things in life that create happiness and reduce stress.   679 more words


Dream Hoarding

“If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts.” -Alan Cohen

You could say I grew up in an anti-hoarding house.   498 more words


Minimum Minimalism

I shot up from bed this morning at 5am. I thought I was going to throw up, so I ran to my bathroom and hovered over my toilet, hangover style. 1,272 more words

The Nicest Conversation

Sometimes, thing happen. At other times things don’t, but they are those rare occasions when nice things happen. I thought this was myth, but then I had a conversation I liked. 527 more words


Soap is gone again -
Replaced for the umpteenth time ~
Must be eating it.


We're all hoarders . . .



. . . to varying degrees

There is something wrong when you fantasize about owning nothing, like a monk, or like Rust Cohle (from True Detective… 592 more words


Turning Old Clutter Into New Art

My mother has had a lifelong battle with “stuff”.  She either can’t help collecting it, feels suffocated by it or blindly throws it away, possibly only to regret it later.   348 more words

Home Sweet Home