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Purging vs. Saving: A Dilemma

When my children come to visit, I now will frequently present each of them with a “present”—one or more plastic boxes, full of their belongings, which they have decided to store in… 1,040 more words


The Hoarders Are Coming To Get Me!

The last few days I’ve been falling into a bit of a slump. I didn’t have any auditions or shows. I didn’t really have anywhere to go expect the mall, but that is never a good idea. 690 more words


Me - Auctioneer Extraordinaire?


We moved into our new house in April.  We downsized after we closed our businesses.

I’m still staring at Rubbermaid containers and cardboard boxes full of stuff all over our house. 311 more words


Ugh my place is a disaster zone!

Ever since being raped on the 10th I haven’t been able to clean my place, like I just can’t find the motivation or if I do start I find some excuse to stop, which makes no sense because I know I have a hoarding problem, so I should try and stay on top of this stuff. 46 more words


Day Eight Hundred and Seventy Eight of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Taking it Easy

I thought I’d be tired this morning after yesterday’s half-marathon but I was okay. I took it easy last night and didn’t put any high expectations on myself this morning either. 529 more words

The Purge Report: The Red Leather Jacket

This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts about things I’m purging from my apartment and why I’m getting rid of them.

Keith’s red leather jacket was one of the hardest things of his I had to part with. 461 more words


The truth comes out

I have battling something my entire life.
My parents were hoarders, and I’m trying not to be one. It’s hard for me to be motivated because I am overwhelmed. 367 more words