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Who Do YOU Stand For? I Stand For the Animals.

You may not know this, but my paying gig is Child Protective Investigator. When someone calls in a report to the Child Abuse Hotline, I’m the one that goes out to check on the child(ren) to see if they’re safe. 444 more words


Yet Another "Rescuer" Busted for Hoarding/ Animal Cruelty

She is what authorities call a “serial animal rescuer.”

She is Gisela Tacao, and she ran Gigi’s Rescue in the Miami area. Tacao would get animals from other rescue groups that pulled the animals from animal control in Miami. 188 more words


Day Six Hundred and Ninety of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Woke Up Early

I don’t know why but I woke up extra early, at around 5 AM. I wondered if I was anxious because today is my last day in Winnipeg before I head home to Vancouver. 796 more words

We All Love Useless Junk

We live in a world of useless things. Every single person in every single home in America has at least one item sitting on a shelf somewhere as “decoration.” They purchased this item solely for it to sit on a shelf that is somewhat at eye level with the complete intention of no one ever using it under any circumstances for anything. 649 more words



Cure for hoarding: A garage sale.

Take 60% of your stuff, hold a garage sale, and donate the proceeds to charity. (And monitor the charity to make sure the money is going to where it needs to go.) 24 more words

Moolah on the Mind

            The free-spirited, barefoot hippy in me wants to start this post with a proclamation that money has absolutely nothing to do with happiness.  And I really like to believe that, someday, that will be true, and that maybe that is already true in certain pockets of existence.  548 more words