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Only looks like Hoarding

I have finally figured out what to do with the floors.  Well, Gena did.  I’ve been needing to pull up the carpet and replace it.  But with what?   159 more words

Self Care

Lyssna på Christian Rück i podcasten Hemma hos Gry

Hör Christian prata med Gry Forsell, Alex Kossek och Malin Stenbäck om tvång, hoarding, dysmorfofobi och den sociala samurajen. http://hemmahosgry.se/


Circle of Stuff

A few years back the Chinese artist Song Dong had an art installation piece called ‘Waste Not.’ The installation was comprised of over 10,000 regular household items his mother had collected over five decades. 688 more words

Inside Out

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence –is the key to unlocking our potential.  – Liane Cordes

Perseverance may be my greatest asset.   I have tried before to quit.   340 more words



I am a person with a lot of baggage. I’m referring to the actual, crowding-my-space-and-also-my-mom’s-garage type of Baggage. I have every note that was written to me in junior high; I have the vast majority of my childhood toys; I have hand-me-downs, thrifted treasures, whosits and whatsits galore. 728 more words

Alan Watts

Scraps and How to Make Them

The first step in making scraps is to have a plan. I had a plan for the last two days, then stuff happened and I ended up with scraps of days. 246 more words


Day 3 the exciting conclusion to Hoarder House or How to spend an extra $5000 to see if you have carpet.

Resell the most magical of the 3 words that make us all get up and do what we do. Rehabbers that is. I am pretty sure a doctor would not cater to that sentiment and if he did this would be a blog from prison. 484 more words