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Lessons from Living Out of a Suitcase

I’m contemplating my belongings, in hopes of determining what I could possibly need to live on for the next few months. You see, we just loaded up our household goods and likely won’t be in our own house for weeks, even months. 478 more words


Dozens Of Sick Cats, Dogs Rescued From Longmont Home

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Authorities in Longmont have rescued dozens of sickly animals after two separate raids on the home of an animal hoarder or hoarders in Longmont. 150 more words


Archive and Simplify

One of the hallmarks of 21st century culture, particularly here in the States, is deep commercialism. And I say commercialism in what’s almost a religious sense. 520 more words


The Ties That Bind

Day 23  part 1      July 2

On the 23rd day, I did some calculating. We’d driven 3500 miles so far, and we were only as far east as South Dakota. 191 more words


Let There Be Light........

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being the photographer”  Walter De Mulder

For perspective, re this simple image, these blinds have been covering a set of French doors for 36 years, covered in cardboard, plywood and layers of hoarding stuff stacked up to totally obstruct the blinds and the doors behind. 20 more words


I Need The Purge Switch Turned On

You know, in the past, the times that I have slept the best, kept the house the cleanest, and had enough time for everyone were the times when my houses were on the market.   648 more words


Passed down from the generations: The Story of Mum and Aunt Lena

Let me start off by saying I am lucky. In my heart of hearts I do not believe that either of my parents are narcissists. Dad grew up in a family that was your everyday family in the 1970s. 2,457 more words