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Home Grown and Home Made

With the upcoming Putting Food Away program on the 23rd at the Conservancy Mt Pleasant site, where I am showcasing some of my recipes, my techniques, my lessons learned, and even giving a few things away (I promise, no zucchini), I have been a cooking, cleaning, freezing, drying and pickling fool. 246 more words



I picked up my hobby of scrapbooking really early, when I was in 7th grade to be exact. If I remember correctly this was the first hobby I ever had, besides sports if that counts. 549 more words


DIY Model House - Item Code A0001

Item code: A0001

Dimension of model: Length 20.5cm, Width 10.5cm, Height 12.5cm 61 more words


My Not-so-Mad Tea Party

I¬†actually don’t care much for tea. Or coffee. What I do like? The “If we were having coffee” posts that have been popping up like coffee shops in the 90s. 580 more words


The Value of a Garden

Sometimes when it is hot and humid, and it seems the weeds are winning, I question my sanity in expanding my garden. But then, I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor and it makes it all worthwhile. 211 more words


Friday Favorites

I wish I hadn’t been posting so late, we’ve been moving stuff around our house and getting back into the swing of things from being back from vacation. 60 more words


Meet Me For Lunch

Let’s take a long lunch soon and do some catching up. We’ll sit back, have a nice sandwich with kale chips, drink some cold ice tea and talk about our kids, our husbands and our jobs. 45 more words