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I collect very old Chinese porcelain. I used to have a lot more of it, but in the name of de-cluttering, I divided my collection and gave the other half to my best friend who I knew would appreciate it. 315 more words


Hello kitty?

I have recently found myself collecting cute miniature hello kitty figurines:-) all on the pretext of creating a playroom for my dolls…hmmm…..so cute :-) :-) it goes well with the rest of my miniatures, doesn’t it? :-)


Strange Hobbies

While we all have certain things we like to do for fun, some hobbies cross the line from interesting to just plain weird. These are the hobbies that make most people stop and wonder who would come up with that. 271 more words

Writing Inspiration

From One Geek to Another

Once upon a letter, my pen pal Kära was telling me about the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club and the pen pal she acquired from there. 344 more words


How to Curb Your Obsessions

There may be something that you’re obsessed about, like food, a person, or a television show. We sometimes think that obsession is something that you see happening in the movies, but it is very much a reality. 436 more words


Hail the Snail #2

Not long after I got the mail last Saturday, my brother-in-law texted me and Gabe telling us about his own special delivery. Meet my nephew, Christian: 177 more words


More photos!

I made a photobucket account to use to add some slideshows to my blog without adding too much to my media on here. I do have quite a few photos on this page. 12 more words