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Merchandise shopping the smart way - the art of Kaitori!

Shopping is without a doubt, one of the best, and important things to do when one is in Japan.

Souvenirs for colleagues, food and snacks for your mum – whatever swag one can grab. 302 more words


Vari-Kate-ions: October

Could it be? Did I actually finish my Vari-Kate-ions by the middle of the month this time around? I guess my decision to make no more than 5 pieces of mail inspired by… 460 more words


30 Days of Blogging: Bucket List

These days, everyone has a bucket list.  You know, that list of things you absolutely want to accomplish before you die…the “bucket list.”  I have no idea where the name came from, to be honest, and I don’t even have a list to name, bucket or otherwise.  705 more words


My Life's Soundtrack

I decided to take on a new pen pal over the weekend, and as I do with all intro letters, I asked some random questions. One of my favorite questions to ask is “If your life was a movie, what would it be called, who would play you, and what are three songs that would be on the soundtrack?” 214 more words


Q&A with SK

It’s understandable when a stranger doesn’t get why you’d rather write letters than send emails. Sad, but understandable. What’s a bit unnerving though is when your own postal workers don’t get why we like to have a plethora of stamps to choose from, or why we’d prefer they put custom labels on the place reserved for it and not over our mail art. 1,727 more words


A Tub Full of Basil

Plus, lots of other goodness from my gardens.

This is just the basil from my garden here at home. There is at least that much more out at the Conservancy in my community garden. 122 more words


Calling All Boils and Ghouls

I really love this time of year. Not only are the colors outside gorgeous and the weather favorable, Halloween is such a fun holiday. Going to pumpkin patches? 318 more words