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Happy as a pig in....

The photograph makes me feel a bit better about my art room. I just wish I had half as much talent as this artist obviously has! 166 more words

I'm Glad I Found....


This blog is like that proverbial (almost) box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get.  That’s because blog-imitates-life and it seems every week of every year, something new turns up and takes me off in an unexpected direction. 1,529 more words


My Hobbies

In My Own Time I Like To:

  • Watch TV
  • Read Books
  • Go Out For Long Drives ;)
  • Go Out With Friends
  • Play Video Games
  • Design Games On Adobe 
Alan Galloway's Class 2014

Hobbies to pick up

Well, I have a good two months break from school and I was thinking of starting a new hobby. The only hobby i have managed to sustain over the years is reading. 349 more words


Quiz Time!

But don’t worry: I give an A for effort. Okay, actually there will be no grades because this is more about getting your opinion. This blog will be a year old in a month, and our semester is about to come to an end. 318 more words

A Scrapbook on Steroids: A Fifth Dose

Hey guys, I thought I’d show you the most recent pages from my smashbook before ending this series FOREVER. Don’t worry, this likely won’t be the last time you see this book of mine, it just won’t continue to happen every other month. 309 more words


Music Hath Charms...

We have another free week, and as I said last month I’d like to feature some of the groups of people in my life. This time I’d like to introduce you to some of the musical groups in which I have the privilege of performing. 848 more words