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Health and Fitness - Part 3: My Secret - Mind Over Matter

From my personal experience, I can definitely say that getting in the best physical shape of your life is not simply about how strong your body is. 661 more words

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Health and Fitness - Part 2: My Mistakes and Lessons I’ve Learned

As I discussed in my previous entry, I made a number of mistake through which I learned many valuable lessons, that have essentially changed my personality and my life, while improving both my physical and mental state. 1,192 more words

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He, the dog lover

Or not. Hehe. He normally detests pets, and has not succumbed to the pleas of his baby girl to have one at home. Basically he’s allergic to their hair. 57 more words

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Hayley's come a long way

Proud Tiger Mother reflects on how far moderately deaf 14-year-old Hayley, who has autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), has come and her bright future ahead.

Firing up the car engine, I sit for a moment to watch the little figure in a black cocktail dress quickly cross the car park to the hall entrance, slightly wobbly on high heels. 744 more words


Activities for deaf teens with additional needs

14-year-old moderately deaf, fiercely independent Hayley’s off on her summer adventures.

The suitcases are out, the sleeping bags and camping mats are scattered around the floor. 764 more words


Deaf teen in young chef contest

Five minutes to go in the young chef contest semi-finals, but Tiger Mother’s anxious that Hayley won’t get her food out on time…

The tension is high, the stress levels producing waves in the air so thick you could slice them with a knife. 640 more words


Movie #3: Frozen

I love Elsa. I think she is the main reason why I enjoyed watching Frozen so much. First and foremost, her character design which is just so pretty and soft, so different from the Snow Queen that I envisioned from my childhood. 331 more words

Hobbies And Interests