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GMW - Obsessive Gamers

 Obsessive Gamers

I will state now this rant does not go out to all gamers, some are pretty cool! This rant goes out to the people in the world that are unemployed, living on benefits, sitting on their arses all day playing games and not even attempt to do anything else like go out, have a social life or get a job! 248 more words


The Making of an Engineer/Architect

Mischa has this habit of recycling old toys and playing with them again after they have spent some time in retirement. We noticed that she has taken to bringing out her old blocks from her 1-year old days, and building all sorts of things (note: must buy age-appropriate ones). 47 more words

Mischa Adrienne


(original posting March 28, 2010)

I have been busy looking around for a homeschool provider for my little boy who is turning 5 in June. I started considering it more seriously after our attempts at conventional schooling did not produce satisfactory results. 1,295 more words

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Crowdsourcing New Path for Authors

Publishers are seeking new means of finding the next top rated book. ¬†The traditional process, which requires authors to submit manuscripts directly to the publishing house, where it is decided whether they will be accepted or rejected, is being turned on its head, according to an… 333 more words

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