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To blog or not to blog

I notice that my blog is a couple of years old already. Wow! I am passionate about words; reading, writing, sharing. In the beginning, as if with a new toy, I’d sit down and write regular thoughts on anything. 327 more words

morning monday... shift/change...

Morning everyone! How are you this week? How was your weekend?

Not to be one of those really annoying people, and not to add to the millions of people across the world talking about how tiring Monday’s are and how they need a day to recover from the weekend, but Monday’s ARE really tiring and I DO need another day to recover from the weekend. 509 more words


Watermelon Jelly

On Saturday I caught up with a good friend I haven’t talked to in over 6 months. Isn’t it so refreshing to talk to someone who gets you? 338 more words


Sanity Is Actually Necessary Sometimes

I have found over the years, that one cannot be a true workaholic – it’s true!

I know some people throw themselves into their careers, work as much and as hard as possible, and be very diligent about making as much as possible as fast as possible, but if you did not know this little fact, then you are not doing it right…..and that is…… 587 more words

Thoughts On Life

Hofficially the best Bad Movie Nights in Toronto. Because the best defence is a good Hoffence.

I know I’ve given love to Bad Movie Night Toronto before, but I see no reason not to do so again. In fact, seeing as there was still standing room in the bar, I see every reason to do so again. 558 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

School Life - Free Time Part 2 Basketball

This is a 3 part series covering what we do in our free time at school.  We usually have about one hour of free time before we go to bed.   48 more words

Student Life