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Les Changements

That Weirdo has been through multiple costume changes the last few months. I wouldn’t say it didn’t enjoy them, but it had quite a difficult time trying to decide on which attire to stick to. 259 more words


Anatomy of a Love Affair

Posting on my blog was something I looked forward to everytime that time of day came.

I don’t know where this love affair between the written word and myself came about. 395 more words


Lontong Balap dan Sate Kerang, Surabaya.

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Pretty In Pink

American Girl or 18 inch Doll Summer Wear
featuring Liberty Jane Design
(available on ebay, search by seller: cys2010)


Scrumptious Castella

It’s been a while since I’ve done any baking, but I was in one of those moods yesterday to make something from scratch. I was searching for recipes using only bread flour (I currently have only bread flour at home) and that’s when I discovered Castella.  249 more words


The Secret to Living?

I watched the new Dodge advertisement this morning, the one with a number of people all over 100 years old giving advice.  I know it is an advertisement but that notwithstanding, it makes me think of a lot of the things I have said here.  362 more words