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Oak Creek Canyon

Tij had work off Monday so I dragged him on another hike in Red Rock Canyon. This hike was actually more of a glorified walk, but it’s good to switch things up. 374 more words


Some of My Crochet Projects

These are some of the things I have crocheted lately-in about 2 year span. Pillows for my grandkids, slippers for my daughter-in-law, coasters, blanket for my granddaughter Cadance, and a palm tree that I later put on a pillow I made.  7 more words


How does my garden grow? October 20th - 26th

For the love of an abundance of flowers! I am truly grateful for spring bulbs and their reliability to provide a beautiful, uplifting display well into the spring and summer. 385 more words


Having an Attitude of Gratitude When Cynicism Is So Much Cooler

Smoking looks cool. I’m sorry, it does. In my fantasy life, after I’ve gunned down human traffickers without getting any blood on my sleek black trench coat and before I head off to  a gig with my Led Zeppelin cover band I lean up against my black Ducati…and light a cigarette. 955 more words

I Get All Zen And Yoga-y

Hobbies Part 2


Alright, so writing isn’t exactly a group activity, and it’s not primarily practiced by women the way knitting is (not that men don’t knit). 685 more words


Knitting Hands are the Angels Playthings

Since my last few posts have been serious, I’ve decided to write something lighter.

After working all day, or coming home from school, or taking care of the kids, its important to have a hobby you can unwind with. 964 more words


Advice For Growing A Better Organic Garden (3)

Advice For Growing A Better Organic Garden

Source: Flickr

Hobbies don’t have to be very energetic. They can be very relaxing, yet be enough to keep you very busy. 17 more words