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The Father-Daughter Baseball Fan Team, on Parent-Child Interactions


I’d often heard people all around me, complain of how they didn’t know how to get along with their parents, but, because my dad and I shared a common interest—watching a baseball game together, as father and daughter, we’d had never-ending topics to discuss.   540 more words


The "Fixed-Gripper Slide-and-Grip Loop"

Sometimes, a variable grip does indeed come in handy. So, what's a Fixed-
Gripper-loving knotter to do? Turn a back on the Fixed Gripper? No, of course
not. 994 more words

I may suck at cooking but I do have other skills:) ...

I constantly complain about cooking which I hate to do and just suck at.  I thought I’d share some of what I AM good at…  Almost everything in the cakes are edible with the exception of the curious George figurine (I had seen some George fails and decided not to risk the ugly outcomes).  87 more words

Just Me

Ruby, artist

One recurring theme on the Fry Lodge blog is how much time the kids spend in front of their screens. It’s hard to argue with how Ruby has been using that time. 22 more words

Fry Lodge

Building A Camera

Well, construction on the camera has made a few advances! I finally got around to ordering a 4×5 film holder and it came in last weekend, so I was able to build the back frame. 75 more words

4x5 Film