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Guilt Trip?!

Firstly I meant to post this the other day when I was feeling a bit crappy,so rewind 4 days…..Why do I feel so guilty about wanting to have a day off the gym???3 days a week is good enough right? 181 more words

My Progress

Meine obsessions

My obsessions… some are short-lived, some will remain as life-time addictions ;)

Cats – I think about them, write about them, play with them, I even think that I am one of them! 245 more words

Felis Domestica-licious

An Epic LEGO Rendering of an Epic Poem

Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey was to retold by VirtuaLUG – in LEGO blocks. Their incredible 300-square-foot layout features numerous scenes from Odysseus’ 10-year adventure. The scenes include but are by no means limited to: 80 more words


Dear Good People,

What kind of people Allah love the most? Muhammad SAW said;
“They are the most useful ones to people. Then Whoever guides (others) towards good is like the one who does it.” 16 more words


Acquisition of a Ballhead for a New Tripod

After a long and tedious research on the Internet, I finally decided to acquire a tripod and its corresponding ballhead.  It was not an easy task, considering I’m not a professional photographer and the zillion of options out there.  352 more words


To blog or not to blog

I notice that my blog is a couple of years old already. Wow! I am passionate about words; reading, writing, sharing. In the beginning, as if with a new toy, I’d sit down and write regular thoughts on anything. 327 more words

morning monday... shift/change...

Morning everyone! How are you this week? How was your weekend?

Not to be one of those really annoying people, and not to add to the millions of people across the world talking about how tiring Monday’s are and how they need a day to recover from the weekend, but Monday’s ARE really tiring and I DO need another day to recover from the weekend. 509 more words