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Ship In A Bottle: The Only Transportation That Can Be Measured In Ounces

From time to time, my mind tends to wander. I like to blame it on the media. I once read an article online explaining that TV is responsible for people’s ridiculously short attention spans. 588 more words


It's Over!!!

Tax season has finally come to a close. Now my husband and I can start being normal people again. With time for things like hobbies, and playing with the kids more. 27 more words

My Punk Vest/My Patch Wishlist

Good Evening, my little daisy chains.

I must have been out of the blogging game for a long time, WordPress is a whole different beast! Widgets? 426 more words

Ice Box Canyon: Part Deux

I got to spend Friday and Saturday with my mom! She flew down from Boise for a quick visit. We indulged in some of our favorite shared activities: shopping at Target, watching British dramas, and cooking/eating. 149 more words


Build it yourself!!

Can you plan ahead, work in compact spaces, use a screwdriver, follow directions, and/or plug in wires? Well, all you really need to know is how to plug in wires, use a screwdriver, and follow direction to build a computer, although, the other two are helpful to know how to do. 356 more words


Adventure Religi : Ziarah Makam Syekh Subakir Penataran

Waktu sudah menunjukkan waktu ashar. Dan perjalanan saya saat itu sampai di Nglegok. Biasanya TR mampir sholat ashar di Masjid Besar Mustawan namun sore ini ada greget yang mengajak TR sholat di Masjid Syekh Subakir Penataran. 143 more words


Looking for Local ...

… in all the right places. And sometimes finding it. And sometimes not.

Case in point. Looking for local wine to take to my brother’s house for Easter. 285 more words