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Writer's Block: Just Stop Writing

Ah, the arts. Music, visual arts, poetry, prose. There’s a couple others, but let’s not get carried away. For every art form, there are artists. And for every type of artist, there’s a horrid little thing called… 947 more words


Finding a way today

It has been a long week and today I am feeling the effects. It was a real struggle to get up and get moving, and a fight to even get things done and get to work. 366 more words


Go back to write


“Esses dias resolvi que tinha que voltar a escrever. Queria escrever crônicas. Ou romances, ou qualquer coisa na verdade. Ler me faz querer escrever e traz uma grande satisfação tipo: Uaaaau!! 97 more words

Fitness Fav on Friday | Inspiration

I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of July already. Where did all the time go?! This marks the last of this month’s Fitness Fridays. 692 more words

Day By Day

Yesterday's Movie Watch....

I watched a favorite of mine, “The Hunt for Red October” it was released on March 2, 1990.The story in based in 1984 when the USSR’s best submarine captain Marco Ramius violates orders and heads for the United States. 92 more words


Tromotriche revoluta x Orbea variegata

Hybrid of the Stapeliad species or some people call the carrion flowers, because they smell like rotting meat, most times, attracting flies.

I wanted to post this, because the macro of the flower shows interesting cilia/hair on the edge of the flower and this hybrid actually has a sweeter smell, not the more potent rotting meat. 23 more words


Clean Up Day ...Floral Friday

The Spring cleaning has merged into Summer cleaning regarding the collectables that have accumulated around the house.   There were a few that have remained semi-permanent displays.  361 more words

Vintage Collectables