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"A Revolutionary Committee": Time For Some Candor From The Supreme Court

In most of the cases it decides, the Supreme Court is what it presents itself as: a court of law. The justices apply preexisting rules and standards set forth, for example, in the Constitution and statutes passed by Congress, to a dizzying array of human and institutional behaviors. 808 more words


Get Your Nose From Between Women's Legs

I do not know when the SCOTUS will ever understand that they live in a different world. They and employers do not seem to understand that just because they killed off the unions does not mean we have a master-servant relationship. 41 more words

Citizen Activism

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

The decision reached by the court was that, regarding closely held corporations, “regulations promulgated by the Department of Health and Human Services requiring employers to provide their female employees with no-cost access to contraception violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 1,416 more words


Hobby Lobby Folly, Part the Sixth: Penetrating the Mysteries of the Uterus

It is commonly said—or so Aardvark, who is hardly an expert in the subject, is given to understand—that “pregnancy” begins when a fertilized egg is implanted in the lining of the uterus. 318 more words

Contraceptive Mandate

Laws: Maybe We Should Write Them Down

Disdain for the letter of the law is complexly intertwined with the progressive imagination.

Kevin D. Williamson — no slouch when it comes to precise language himself — has a… 256 more words

Barack Obama

Ring Holder

I love baking and making homemade pizza but both can be pretty messy. After I got engaged to Mr. Layland I quickly learned that the window sill above the sink is not the best place to keep my ring while I work my magic in the kitchen. 313 more words


Pandora's Box: A Discussion on the Hobby Lobby Verdict

The best way to follow up a controversial post is with yet another, even more controversial post!

This was originally an essay I had written for Composition class, and I did pretty well I think. 1,722 more words