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Think Outside the Big Box

I have joined two local yard sale groups on Facebook.  It has not taken me long to regret doing so.  

The groups are not just to advertise your stuff, but you can also request items or look for services.   886 more words


What Every American Should Know about the Separation of Church and State

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  This single sentence is the entire foundation for church-state relations in the United States today.  1,367 more words


DIY Friday: Decorating with Alphabet Letters!

Brenda here!  4 years ago, I married Kenny and moved ‘up’ the alphabet by one letter, which I’m very proud of!  My ‘real’ last name is… 335 more words


The Declaration of Independence: A Misogynistic Mash-up of Greek Philosophy and Roman Law

Regardless of political identity in America there seems to be an almost religious reverence for the Declaration of Independence (DI).  By far the most quoted sentence from it is the one that begins “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”  Though it is hardly ‘self-evident,’ the history behind the words in these two clauses betrays the fact that they constitute a misogynistic mash-up of Greek philosophy and Roman law. 935 more words


Transformation Station

I’m twenty-one. I actually turned 21 & a half two days ago. My roommate will soon be celebrating her first anniversary of being 21. When did I even start my 20’s? 949 more words

Other Shenanigans

The Extreme Partisanship of John Roberts's Supreme Court

Like Barack Obama, the chief justice came into office promising an age of apolitical comity.

And like the president, he has seen his dream die. 1,005 more words


The view from my front porch

Shortly after Andy and I got married, and by shortly I mean 2 days, we moved into a little one bedroom apartment. Over the past two months we have made it into our home. 389 more words

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