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Totem Soup Science – Aquaponics Project: Phase 3

I had a BREAKTHROUGH today! I bought 300 gel capsules and Osmocote Plus. This is, in essence, root tabs. So, for the price of 15 root tabs, I made 300 with enough Osmocote Plus left to make another 900 root tabs. 138 more words

From The Man

Legions and some terrain

Argh so much week and so little time for updates!

Well last weekend I ran a legions demo day on Sunday with some farcical points level like 5000 points a side (average so far is 1500 – 2000).   374 more words


New hobby: knitting!

Today’s achievement has been… Learning how to “cast on”.
I’m a complete beginner to knitting and been struggling with learning this for weeks. I am hoping that a new hobby will be something good to focus on. 15 more words


Woah, my latest piece is more time consuming than others. It will require a couple of shots of coffee. I apologize for the delay.

While we wait for the coffee to be brewed, allow me to introduce my team. 108 more words


Coming Soooonnnnnnnnn

Evening lovely readers :)

This is just a quick post to say I do have three posts ready to be published for your enjoyment. However, rather stupidly, I have embibed too much cider (mmmm, cider) and I want to check the posts when sober to make sure I don’t sound too much like a plonker :) It’s that bad I’ve checked and rechecked this post several times. 10 more words


"Audio Doodling"

So for those who don’t know, I have this hobby that I like to call “audio doodling”.  Using FL Studio II, I make what could loosely be called “music”.   59 more words


A Catalogue of Invalid Excuses

Or: How a Hobby Can Change The  Way You See Yourself.

Strangely, these two topics do not correlate, at least not on the surface. I will explain to you, my friend, what I mean by listing them in the same blog post. 599 more words