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i've got dreams, to remember...

… is an Otis song, and one of my favourites at that. But also a reminder that just because we forget about some dreams or leave them behind us, it doesn’t mean we can’t ever go back on our steps, pick them up from the ground where we left them, give them a second glance. 127 more words

Syllogomania? A może po prostu hobby! // Collecting? Or maybe just a hobby!

Często spotykane wśród starszych ludzi. Niejednokrotnie spotkałam się z tego typu zainteresowaniami u osób 40+

Szacuje się, że ta kwestia dotyczy 5 % społeczeństwa polskiego – spotkaliście się z tym tematem? 290 more words


A Vino Dream


Wine. Vino. It has been around for thousands of years, earliest known existence from approximately 7000BC in China. I secretly always thank the Greek God of wine Dionysus before taking a sip of the deliciousness. 377 more words


'The Animal Man' Review

A book that I have been reading for some time now, here and there throughout a hectic summer was, The Animal Man. The book itself is not my usual read, as it is an auto-biography, which I normally don’t have a liking for, however this was a little different. 311 more words


Finding My Way

Everyone has a passion. Everyone has a particular topic or subject about which they know mountains of information, love doing, love talking about, and have advanced skill in. 561 more words


Moncalvo truffle fair Fall 2014 松露时节

It is the season of truffles again.  As s type of fungus,  “a truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus, predominantly one of the many species of the genus Tuber”. 570 more words

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