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Night_Elfs_Art, mijn alter-ego

Even een linkje naar mijn nieuwste blog als ‘Night_Elf’ over de totstandkoming  van de geboortekaart van R… Klik hier.

Over Mij

m's cinnamon rolls

m likes to cook

and she made these yum

cinnamon rolls.



Master's Touch

Meet Mark Bishop. He’s the father of the thriving, Master’s Touch. I say “father” because while he is the head of the company, it was actually his son, Jonathan, who started the business. 426 more words

I Read Games Workshop's Annual Statement

Hilarity ensued. Seriously, I cannot believe the verbiage in this thing was printed and mailed to investors. I’ll ignore the more egregious unprofessional language and simply present my selection of the best howlers for amusement value. 571 more words



Altijd honger, goesting of denkend aan eten. Zo kennen mensen me. Ik ben dan ook een veelvraat. Bourgondiër. Levensgenieter. Eten is mijn grote liefde. 

Ik zou de hele dag door kunnen sneukelen. 118 more words

Ik Maak & Doe

A Silver Bag of Tarot

Got busy today and made a bag for my new Silver Witchcraft Tarot cards.
I like to match the fabric to the feel of the deck, so it was quite handy that I had just made myself a shirt out of some lovely slinky silver material. 105 more words