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( just another novel excerpt )


i want to save you.

let me save you.


but you knew all too well, how hard it is to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. 29 more words

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You Can't Live On Bread Alone But It Makes For A Pretty Sweet Hobby

We…we need to talk. I don’t know how to say this. Maybe you should sit down. In fact, you might need a stiff drink. You see, I’ve…I’ve been keeping something from you. 1,340 more words


My Uncle Took Me On A Weird Bird Watching Trip And It Turned Out To Be Something Completely Different

One time when I was in high school my mom made me go on a bird watching trip with one of my uncles. He was a member of some ornithological club, and every time I’d see him, he’d be like, “Rob! 1,154 more words

Forgetting It's Still Midweek

It’s kind of surprising that it’s still Wednesday, but then again it should have hit me immediately the moment that the error screen appeared on the browser window I was playing Kantai Collection at work in… Which signaled the start of maintenance (and the 1st Anniversary event for the game). 179 more words

Personal Thoughts

Glitter vial

I dag har tiden virkelig løpt fra meg. Jeg var oppe i ellevetiden, og klokka er jo dødsmasse allerede. Så mye jeg hadde tenkt å få gjort i dag… Jeg skal ikke bruke dette blogginnlegget til å klage, selv om dagen er klandreverdig. 160 more words