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Ohm's Law and Resistors Part II

Welcome back to Volts ‘n’ Bolts for part II of Ohm’s law and resistors! To review from part I, we learned that there’s a device that we can use called a resistor to do three things; 638 more words


Lawsuits filed challenging FAA Drone Regulations

Lawsuits were filed on Friday, August 22, 2014 by hobbyists, research universities, and commercial drone interests against tough regulations against drone use in the United States.  352 more words


Current, Voltage, and Power

Since I’m writing this blog with the assumption that my readers have little to no experience with electronics and electrical theory, I’ve decided to do a series of short electrical theory tutorials for the next few weeks. 742 more words


Project: PCB Mill CNC - 3D Model

It’s been a little while since I last posted. I’ve been pretty busy with work-work and uni-work. But I’ve also been working pretty hard on the design for the Mill as well as gathering parts. 135 more words



The purpose of this blog is to expose the loopholes in prostitution laws and the “person” in the prostitution laws. I expect some people to be angry at me about the fact I am exposing the loopholes in the prostitution laws. 1,067 more words

Project: PCB Mill CNC - Testing the Motor Driver

The bad news, I managed to blow two of the three motor drivers by connecting 9v into a 5v pin. Oops.

The good news, the remaining driver works fine! 110 more words


Project: PCB Mill CNC - First Steps

Last time I tried to build a CNC, I didn’t realise how CAM software interacted with the hardware. From research I have found that packages like… 266 more words