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Project: Smart Watch - Batteries

Having been let down by my original battery supplier (they never arrived from the Philippines) I ordered new ones from Cool Components on the weekend, this time 2x110mAh 3.7v LiPo cells. 45 more words


Testing 1, 2, 3

My first post here on WordPress. I hope to get content up as soon as possible. Took this photo of my father when we both couldn’t sleep one night. 12 more words


Project: Smart Watch - Case First Attempt Part 2

I like to think today has been pretty productive.

Major advances on the case have been made to the extent that it can now be strapped to my wrist. 96 more words


Project: Smart Watch - Case First Attempt Part 1

This issue has been playing on my mind for the last 3 weeks, all of which (bar 2 days) have been spent abroad, with miles of ocean between me and trying out my ideas. 73 more words


Person in prostitution laws is discharing debt

The purpose of this blog is to expose the prostitution laws loopholes, federal gross income tax laws, and the “person” in statutes. I expect some people to be angry at me about the fact I am exposing the loopholes in the prostitution laws. 1,921 more words

Wisconsin Prostitution Laws- Actor and Person

The word “intentional” means the actor knows and commit the act. Wisconsin prostitution law like Texas prostitution laws uses the actor-person relationship. The person is responsible for the action of the actor. 343 more words

State Prostitution Laws

Wyoming Prostitution Laws- Object Penetration Only

Wyoming Prostitution Laws exempt penis, mouth, and tongue penetration. If you are looking for a prostitution loophole, Wyoming has the biggest and clearest loophole. Wyoming Prostitution laws only criminalizes penetration by object. 336 more words

State Prostitution Laws