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Lower fuselage

After removing the upper from the table , I built a stand to hold it . Now I add the lower fuselage formers to the plane and start some of the lower sheeting and the wing saddles


Now that the upper fuselage is framed it was time to put the skin on it . I used 1/8th balsa sheets as per plans. Super glue to hold it and a spray bottle of water and some rags to wet the balsa for flexibility . 31 more words

Getting Started

I’ve failed to start this from the ,well , start. When I received my plans I also had some light ply already so I was good on the ply frames , I did have to order about $100.00 worth of balsa and the really thin light-ply , 1/32 and 1/16 thicknesses . 157 more words

Tail feathers and canopy frame

The elevators and rudder was a pretty simple build ..cudos  David P. Anderson …and surprised that I was able to make them look so good , this is , after all , my first plane in over 20 years. 14 more words

Instrument panel

When it was time for the instrument panel , I went online to find cockpits for the 152 …the cheapest one I found was $395.00 so I decided to be creative …this one is a plywood panel that has the holes cut with forstner bits , then painted , not a pro finish but I think it will be okay when the canopy in installed

The Plans and Humble Beginnings

I ordered my plans for the 1/5th scale TA152 from David Anderson.  A wonderful source for model airplane plans of all types.  I decided to start this project because I now have a full workshop with plenty of room to build.  35 more words

If Ya "Wannabe"

As I write this, I can still feel the pressure of his cock in my ass.  Yep.  I said it.  Let me say it again for you, THIS MORNING I HAD A WONDERFUL DICK IN MY ASS.  813 more words

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