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Project: Smart Watch - Coming Together

After last night’s disaster, I’m pleased to report some good news. The straps are largely done and the watch can be worn. Even if it looks a little crude for now. 77 more words


Project: Smart Watch - Disaster (I thought)

Today was pretty productive; I now have more or less functioning straps – there will be a detailed post on this soon – but the aim of the post is to describe a disaster that (I hope) I managed to avert. 203 more words


Project: Smart Watch - Batteries

Having been let down by my original battery supplier (they never arrived from the Philippines) I ordered new ones from Cool Components on the weekend, this time 2x110mAh 3.7v LiPo cells. 45 more words


Testing 1, 2, 3

My first post here on WordPress. I hope to get content up as soon as possible. Took this photo of my father when we both couldn’t sleep one night. 12 more words


Project: Smart Watch - Case First Attempt Part 2

I like to think today has been pretty productive.

Major advances on the case have been made to the extent that it can now be strapped to my wrist. 96 more words


Project: Smart Watch - Case First Attempt Part 1

This issue has been playing on my mind for the last 3 weeks, all of which (bar 2 days) have been spent abroad, with miles of ocean between me and trying out my ideas. 73 more words


AmScope's "SM-2TZ" - 3.5X-90X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dual Halogen Lights

The SM-2TZ is, in my opinion, AmScope’s entry model to the SM series–the zooming stereo microscope head line. While certainly more expensive than the fixed power SE300 series, the SM line gives a range of powers instead of the few fixed powers that other, lesser units are set at, which gives the user a much, MUCH greater utility out of the unit. 668 more words