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26 of 365

I finally got to try my hand on playing with lights and I am having so much fun with the different creative results that I get. 87 more words

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25 of 365

It was a Sunday. I was at Church and decided to share what I was seeing in front of me. I took this with my android phone. 58 more words

Amateur Photographer

24 of 365

I was driving in the freeway when I looked at my rear view mirror and saw this.

Of course I’m kidding. If that happened, I would have jumped out of my seat and crashed. 17 more words

Amateur Photographer

23 of 365

I stumbled across a photo project inspired by the bright light coming from a fridge. It so happened that there was a fridge lying somewhere so I put my subject in front of it then placed a speedlight inside to create an impression that the light was coming from inside the fridge. 38 more words

Amateur Photographer

22 of 365

It was another rainy night, I was out trying to find anything to shoot. I ended up at the parking lot of Wendy’s and this bright red sign caught my eye. 20 more words

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21 of 365

It’s snowing again and there’s nothing much to do but observe nature from the comfort of your couch. I took this photo by using the bracketing feature in-camera and then put the images together in Photoshop. 130 more words

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20 of 365

I was looking around the house for a model to practice on-camera lighting and this is what I found. This baby is the only thing that has a color that resembles a typical caucasian skin tone. 79 more words