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Goblin Week 2015- Day 4

Today’s goblin is a hobgoblin archer. One of the main cities goblin cities, Gnashgor, is located in a cavern under a mountain in the Dragon Spine Range. 76 more words

Goblin Week 2015

Its that time of the year again, were lots of people all over the internet contribute to Goblin Week created by Evan Dahm. This year I will be creating more goblins for the Goblin Guild that will be added to the project I am working on that will include a brief history of the guild, the classes of members, and 2 short stories. 22 more words

The Universe Hates Me

I come to you today in sorrow and rage, dear readers. Once I was a man who believed in fairness and joy, who believed that the universe was here to help us all in our times of need. 501 more words


Third wave of Spider-Man Marvel Infinite Legends here for pre-order!

At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, forthcoming waves of the Marvel Infinite series were revealed. This third Spider-Man wave has been highly anticipated, especially because Hasbro devotees have been requesting a Build-A-Figure Hobgoblin to no avail — until now! 84 more words

01.17.15 Web of Spider-Man 38 #DrunkPete

Last night was the one year anniversary of the first ever #DrunkPete. What is #DrunkPete, you may be asking yourself. #DrunkPete is a weekly get together on Twitter of like-minded Spider-Man fans. 912 more words


Spider-Man Character Designs By Joshua Hixson

Artist Joshua Hixson has recently uploaded a few different character designs from Marvel Comics’s Spider-Man series. These great looking character designs consist of Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Mysterio, Carnage, Shocker, and Hobgoblin. 36 more words


Play Report: Relic Hunters Guild Session 3

The Relic Hunters returned to Dyson’s Delve Sunday afternoon. As usual, they made a quick pass around the first level to ensure they wouldn’t have any nasty surprises running them. 478 more words

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