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Secret Hobo Spices

Something I’ve been craving for a while now is blackened fish (or chicken). This recipe, claimed to be stolen from a homeless person’s pocket, is really delicious.  154 more words


Making It Count -- Dental Adventures Part 1

A little while back, my jaw started to have this dull, obnoxious ache that I thought was a wisdom tooth flare up. The pain got progressively worse over the next week or so until I decided to pretty much drown my sorrows in as much Ibuprofen as humanly possible. 544 more words

The Final Addition to the Hobo Collection; Hobo Games

Here it is, I was going to make you wait but then I was all like “Why? It sucks.” And since I’m sure you are all just on pins and needles patiently (or impatiently if you are anything like me) waiting for the release of the final addition of the inspiring hobo collection I figured I wouldn’t make you wait. 184 more words

Camping is staying in a hotel with no AC.

I always laugh when my sister and her husband, or anyone, really, talks longingly of camping- I will go camping, we will go camping, they will go camping, he,she or it will go camping… especially the WE will go camping. 181 more words

General Musings

HAIKU -- 03222014-3

HAIKU – 03222014-3




curving train ahead

the past behind obscured in smoke —

hobos clinging on…




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Exhaustion, I Choose You!

I’ve been up for 21 hours now. I just started playing Pokemon at some point and the next thing I knew, WAY too much time had passed. 475 more words