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Tranquility base

Clinic terrorists represent the most violent arm of the new right-wing political bloc in America. Behind the smiling face of the Sarah Palin’s Tea Party are survivalist militias, paramilitary Christian fanatics, and the criminals (e.g., the Bundy Ranch) who are inevitably drawn to such operations. 51 more words


On the Lost Art of Walking Places

In a field near Euless, TX, USA– I’ve been misleading to this point. The first 900-some miles were covered by air, the last half mile, I walked. 393 more words


Bed and Bread (Hobo Haiku)

bed and bread / 
after a hard day’s work – /     
thank you, dear lady //  

vicious barking /
brings a face to the windows – / 147 more words

A Train Whistle (Haiku)

a train whistle /
trapped in the mossy cave – /
fluttering bat //

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where our inspiration came from two train poems offered by Masaoka Shiki: 295 more words

Woman creates "Shower Bus" for San Francisco Homeless

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS)San Francisco has 3500 homeless people living on the streets and just seven facilities for them to wash up. Relief is on the way.  345 more words

June 3/4, Now accepting applications

The boys were adjusting quite well to their new lifestyle. Other than finding a consistent place to shower daily, they had created for themselves a very comfortable and effective routine. 515 more words