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Over 100 top hockey prospects in Calgary

CALGARY – Hockey Canada begins an overhaul of its under-17 men’s program this week by bringing together more than 100 of the country’s best 16-year-olds for a new camp. 869 more words


The Prime of Fandom

I began watching football and basketball in the fall of 2004, and continued by becoming a full-fledged baseball fan in April 2005. Initially, I denounced hockey when it returned in 2005 from its lockout the previous year, but about six weeks into the season my grandfather took me to my first New York Ranger game and I became obsessed. 5,888 more words


José Mourinho - Dichotomies of a Genius

Since the summer holidays are about the end for the majority of us and the hockey season will soon start, I’ve decided to add an article from a good friend of mine that is not about hockey (for a change) but about leadership and management style from a coach that is loved by few and hated by many… José Mourinho… 2,409 more words

"Big Bear" and "Indian Horse": seeing beyond

Last week I read Penguin’s Extraordinary Canadians biography Big Bear by Rudy Wiebe. Penguin even put together a video about Big Bear’s time. I was born and grew up in the Treaty 6 area near the Battle River. 1,465 more words


Granato excited by Red Wings opportunity

Tony Granato looks at the roster of the Detroit Red Wings and believes that the team already has what it takes to get the job done. 514 more words


Sticks and Stones

I had never heard of the movie, Sticks and Stones, until yesterday when a roommate brought it up. He, of course, mentioned it to me because it is a hockey movie. 199 more words


Glen Sather honors Rangers history by over paying for a player

Glen Sather, the architect behind the amazing 80’s Oilers dynasty, was also the architect behind another, less celebrated dynasty, that of the “over paying every single free agent I can find” dynasty of the early to mid 2000 Rangers. 262 more words