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Hilarious Joy

Chuck Swindoll, my first pastor as an adult, liked to use the word “hilarity” or “hilarious.” It fit. I never knew a pastor could have so much fun preaching. 739 more words



I love my city. I was pretty much born and raised in this city. I grew up all over the West Side. The “Upper West Side” which is north of West Ferry Street, and the “Lower West Side” which is south of West Ferry Street. 143 more words

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I'm Alright

The following is a shameless C&P from my notes on Facebook. I know that more than a few people can relate. Chronic Pain suxks.

Every time someone asks “How are you?” It’s just easier to say “I’m alright.” I don’t like to complain or come off as whining, but then I feel like I’m lying when I say “I’m alright.”. 3,542 more words

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Notes From Underground: A Quick Note to Our Readers

The past five years have been a healthy, cathartic interchange of investment ideas that emanate from my 37 years of analyzing and trading the international financial flows that form the basis of global macro investment. 276 more words

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A Little Over A Year

Since I’ve been here last. I dunno why I’m back here blogging. I guess I have something to say. I’m just not sure what I want to say or how I should say it. 1,533 more words

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Ascension - Some #SciFiSciPol For the Exodus

Tomorrow night (Monday) the SyFy Channel in the U.S. will premiere a three-night miniseries called Ascension.  It’s a Canadian-American production about a murder mystery on a generation ship that launched from the United States 50 years ago.  191 more words

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