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Capturing You (Sonnet)

So recently I wrote some poems for a class and I really favor one that I wrote so I posted it here. I hope you enjoy! 143 more words

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My Friend Fernando

The High Desert has grown eerily silent, as the mischievous laugh of Fernando Torres faded away this week.

Fernando Torres and I began our friendship in September 2002, when I started working at the Daily Press as an editorial assistant. 395 more words

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When Comparison is The Thief of Joy & A Russell Update :)

It’s been a little while since I posted a Russell update, so I figured it’s time for a new one, but this one will have a different focus than the past updates. 986 more words

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More Science & Technology Entertainment For The Curious - Crash Course, New Atlantis, CuriosityStream

Elementary continues to incorporate science and technology issues (and people) into its storylines (the last two episodes involved a drug trial and forging rare plants).  However, the television is not the most reliable source for such content. 236 more words

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Maybe Elon Musk Just Wants AI Out Of His Way

Lately several scientists and technologists have expressed their concern about artificial intelligence in a public letter published by the Future of Life Institute.  The letter is linked to a list of… 271 more words


The Afternoon Slump

Ah yes, the dreaded afternoon slump. It is that time in the afternoon when you’ve exhausted your plans for they day, kiddos are tired, you are tired, it is too late for a nap, and there are still hours until dinner. 346 more words

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