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Hog Wild Off Road

By now it’s beginning to sound like I’ve given up on running completely.  Not true!  I have, however, done most of my running inside on the treadmill and I have not got back to any kind of running schedule yet. 455 more words


We'll make a weekend of it...

So this weekend was a crazy weekend of well pure craziness. My girlfriend, Savanna and I decided we would not only sign up for an OCR, the Highlander VI but that we would push our luck and go for an 8 mile yog with the Hog Wild Run in the  wild series off road 8 miler the following day.   705 more words


Get wild, sweaty and dirty...rated G I promise!

This past weekend I had the privilege of running my second Obstacle Course Race (OCR) with my girlfriend,  it was Hog Wild V and I must say it was a race that thoroughly impressed me, with her and the actual obstacles throughout the race.   385 more words