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New ‘Harry Potter’ Story on the Way for Halloween

J.K. Rowling

Halloween is like Christmas for witches and wizards, and this year J.K. Rowling will be honoring the tradition by giving every Harry Potter… 392 more words

Cult News

The Caseating Cheesecake

Homaira’s Note: Earlier, I accidentally pressed the “Publish” button before this post was ready. The post below is the final version.

As a culminating project for our 12-week Scientific Principles of Medicine class, the first-year medical students were asked to cook special meals that would be suitable for individuals with various metabolic diseases. 467 more words

1st Semester

Shaping a Way of Life

The stream of consciousness experiment that I participated in last week lived up to its name: it started a current of thought. Letting my fingers follow the flow of my mind, I wrote… 1,135 more words


Osaka, Japan: The day four Potterheads met Japanese Harry

This last trip to Japan, I traveled with nerds. Harry Potter nerds, that is. Myself quite possibly the biggest nerd of them all—or not. It’s a never-ending competition with these three. 356 more words



Guess me and Ananya are not the only ones obsessed about our backyard. J.K Rowling is obsessed with hers too!
I saw this article on my facebook news feed and thought it was so cool! 45 more words

I solemnly swear I am up to no good

I’m never embarrassed to be a geek, especially when my source material is an amazing book.  So when I realized that the Warner Brothers studio where they filmed Harry Potter was a day-trip away from London, I rearranged my schedule to make sure Katie and I could go. 729 more words