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Defending your own

According to Wikipedia, honoured font of all knowledge, the former Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips was “born into a Jewish family”. Quite why it is put that way I don’t know. 223 more words

It's Time

After our surprise encounter with Tom Felton it was finally time to enter into Hogsmeade! Tom Felton really waved the wand to get the magic started so by then we Stevanie & my heart was racing faster then you could say,  114 more words


Q: Would I Send My Daughter to Flagler College?

I asked this question once before after touring the University of Limerick. And once again, my answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ Though I quickly realized it was a college my husband I would love to attend more than one that would be suitable for our daughter. 440 more words

Museums & Tours

What Is Holistic Nutrition?

I get this question a lot from friends and family when discussing my schooling.

Simply stated, holistic nutrition is healing the body through the use of whole foods. 125 more words

Food As Medicine

Chapter Two - The Ministry of Magic

“Nervous?” Arthur Baines asked his son. They stood together in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic, waiting for an attendant to receive them.

“Um,” Felix said. 1,024 more words

Chapter 3 - Kid Discussion - Are My Parents Hiding Something?

Can you believe what has happened to Harry Potter thus far? Can you believe that Aunt Petunia was going to make him wear those gross, nasty clothes? 633 more words

Hogwarts Adoption

Only good stories count - A Beetle's Tale VII

It was less of a society and more of a bullying committee. Every week the group chose a new victim who was either a muggle-born or a half-blood and teased and bullied that student up to really cruel extents. 638 more words

Perfect Possibilities