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Hufflepuff Tote Bag: Finished!

A week or so ago I showed you the beginning of my crafted gift for a friend. Now that I have given it to her I am happy to share with you the final product. 156 more words

Some Notes About Comments and How J.K. Rowling Tricked Us All

Contrary to the title, I will be talking about J.K. Rowling’s greatest trick yet in the Harry Potter series. I assume you are aware, or at least partially aware, of the Hogwarts motto: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus. 525 more words

"Holding thick, woolen socks, not wearing them"

“Me? I see myself holding a pair of thick woolen socks. People insist on giving me books”, remarked Dumbledore.

There was truth in that answer, albeit incomplete and yes, it had been a personal question from Harry. 535 more words


Returning Home: Hogwarts, Harry, and an Ambitious Project

I’ve been thinking about Harry Potter a lot recently, what with the new material on Pottermore and all the rumors stemming from that. It’s been seven years since the final book came out, which is really weird, because it doesn’t feel like that long ago. 536 more words

Current Events

How CF Slug Club Members Show Their Potter Pride

In a recent group discussion we discovered that many of the Slug Club members show their fandom love in some very unique ways.   Many of us have dedicated corners of rooms, completely transformed entire rooms into Harry Potter decor and even display our Potter love in the workplace.   115 more words


JK Rowling Hates You All (for junkee.com)

Where I drop numerous Harry Potter references and sling up some gif news. Here for junkee.com.

Pop Culture

The Neverending Playlist That Is My Life: Beside You

5 Seconds Of Summer’ just came out with a new album that I have been falling in love with. One of my favorite songs on it is ‘Beside You,’ which is about being away and missing the person you love. 148 more words

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