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CBS Big Brother 16 Episode 13 Recap 7/23/2014

Wednesday night episodes of CBS Big Brother can either be very exciting or very boring since it is the day that airs the Veto competition.  This week Brittany and Victoria were faced with the reality of having to fight for their life, as far as the game goes, to win the power of veto to take themselves off the block. 746 more words


Who Would Make The Most Interesting HOH for Next Week?

With Cody’s HOH coming to a close, here is my take on who would be the most interesting replacement for next week:

13. Jocasta 

Our favourite bow-tie wearing house guest would probably be the least interesting HOH and not by any fault of her own. 796 more words


CD Excitement

The first sample from the forthcoming CD has been listened to today and we’re all very excited. Details of how to order will become available in the next week or so.

Wood burning Rocket Stove heater plans

Wood burning Rocket Stove heater plans
Alternate energy website featuring detailed plans to build devices for HHO, HOH, HOD, PWM pulse width modulators, EFIE electronif fuel injection enhancer, etc.


Who is "Munchkio"? Big Brother Nominations and Battle of the Block #4

When we last left our, now Devin-less, houseguests they were in the midst of their next HOH competition.

The concept is simple: manoeuvre a dozen eggs through an obstacle course that is behind chicken wire. 864 more words


Big Brother 16: So… Who's the target?

Thursday night was the live eviction and shocker Devin was voted out. 

I’m happy that there was at least some talk of getting Caleb out. I thought it would have been a great move to get Caleb out. 823 more words

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Powerful Guys Nominate Weak Girls...Sounds Familiar

Let tonight mark the day that the women of the Big Brother house (minus Victoria…who knows what goes through her mind) opened their eyes and figured out what type of game is going on around them. 959 more words