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17. (the) Melvins - Hold It In

Οι Melvins είναι Melvins και η τρέλα που κουβαλάνε είναι πάντα καλοδεχούμενη. Εδώ ο Osborne φώναξε φώναξε τον κιθαρίστα και τον μπασίστα απο τους Butthole Surfers και όλοι μαζί του έδωσαν να καταλάβει. Enjoy!


Melvins - Hold It In

Well look at that: it’s a new Melvins album, their first of 2014 after a double helping last year. At this point in their career, what else is there to say? 566 more words


MELVINS - 'Hold It In' (Ipecac) [7]

When the chainsaw grunge of Bride Of Crankenstein – which would have slipped unnoticed onto any of their Atlantic albums – opens Melvins’ 22nd full-length, it could be heralding that rarest of things: a conventional album by this most unconventional of bands. 85 more words