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Sunday Morning Messages from the Mermaid

Necklaces and Metaphores: Isaiah 52:1

It was Sunday morning.  I was readying to attend the church of my childhood, and not feeling very happy about it. 659 more words



I try not to look at the pictures.

I try not to, but they’re there. I have four of them.

I don’t look at them, but I get upset when they fall down – which is often, because I have a cat. 622 more words

Love & Life


I am floating out here.
I cannot hold on this for ever.  There is this place inside of me that I cannot take you. A place that I cannot take anyone. 161 more words

Ramblings And Rants

The art of passing through

I’ll hold on to the last piece of the night,
Before the dawn,
before the rest of the world awakens. Before city streets become filled with… 42 more words



I’ve been hearing it lately

The kind of quiet murmur in the back of my mind

There are no real words but I hear it… 156 more words

Uncertain Faith

It’s impossible to let go and let God IF you are still holding on to something… just in case it doesn’t work out!

Food For Thought

It does not get easier. We get better.

Last night, my father said to me, “you are one of the strongest women that I’ve known in my life, Kakak, and that is why I am so proud of you.” And my tears flowed freely as I leaned on his shoulders, promising to hold on to those words when times get tough.