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Holding on and letting go

I always thought that I wouldn’t have any problems adjusting to college. I got good grades in high school, I had awesome friends, I had a great boyfriend, and I was super involved. 182 more words


Maintaining My Existence

When you’re going through hell,┬ákeep going.

-Winston Churchill

This enormous planet of dissipating green amongst salty, trashy blue, spins in its twenty four hour rotations, playing peek-a-boo with sun rays, moons, and even farther away celestial bodies.

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Crash and Burn

The last time
We had each other
Was a painful memory
Each touch and caress
Was a pain and
It’s now engraved in my
Memory because… 158 more words


Turn on

You are waiting for the light to come on.
You don’t understand that you are the light.
Not what powers it,
but what chooses to use that power and how. 272 more words


Before the Long Fall

With shallow breaths
I hang on

From the mangled edges
Of my failing

Ever slightly
For the tranquil fall
Of eternity… 25 more words