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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Seems like this last month or so I have been slack in writing which in turn makes me slack in staying motivated & energized.  Of course, I may not have mentioned health issues that have arisen in the last month or so…. 210 more words


On Letting Go

Episode 24

I woke up feeling very Tchaikovsky-y, so I decided to listen to the ballet that ignites my soul every time I listen to it as I tackle the issue that I feel is most turbulent in my life. 2,725 more words

Soul Journey

Selfish Love.

There’s a fine line between wanting to be with someone and not being able to stomach them being with someone else.
Are you really in love with her or is the idea of her in his arms sickening? 73 more words


drumming sound

I don’t know if this makes sense but I don’t care anymore.

I miss looking into the mirror and knowing exactly what it is that I want, what it is that I strive for. 141 more words


Melee's Song

We met in the most awkward situation possible. I was crying while you were trying to finish your team’s flag. I was 15 and you were 20. 756 more words



You can lack morality all you like

Spread your filth all over that town

Muck it the fuck up with your angst about life

About how everyone has treated you so poorly… 306 more words


Infatuation, Mistaken Love

In my 40 years I have in some form or fashion sought after love. No matter what form you seek after love, it is the driven force to your existence. 244 more words

Thought Nugget