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Letting Go

“Letting go has never been easy, but holding on can be as difficult. Yet strength is measured not by holding on, but by letting go.”     Len Santos… 36 more words


Ending Before I'm Finished...

The end of the world. As a Christian this hasn’t been an idea that I’ve taken lightly, but it’s also been something that I’ve occasionally found infuriating. 682 more words

Random Thoughts

What's love for you?

They say LOVE is the greatest feeling of all. They say it can make everything happen, even the most impossible. They say that it goes hand in hand with happiness and pain. 415 more words

Shitty Circumstances And Learning to Let Go

Im up well past my bed time, and Im sitting here wide awake. Occasionally the writing bug bites me at odd hours and I just have to type up a storm! 463 more words

Holding on and Letting Go

As I’m heading in to my 5th colonoscopy (and 3rd upper endoscopy) tomorrow morning, with all of the fun prep involved (ahahahahahahaha… oh fark it, it sucks), I’ve been pondering the energetic reasons for finding myself here. 585 more words



Soon years will go by

But the silence can never conquer you and I

And all the fears that kept us apart

Will dissipate from the emptiness left in our hearts… 31 more words


Do You Really

Where things for us go now, I have no idea. You don’t know for sure what you want and are moving out. You say you love me, but those words seem to come from you mind and not your heart. 37 more words

Damage Done