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Holding On

There are some things that you should hold on to and some things that you should move on from.

How do you know the difference?

Find your way

Find the truth on your path;

Each one of us has a different way

Its not for us judge or try to take another

Along with us on our way, 103 more words


You are not so up that pride can’t bring you down. And you’re not so down that God can’t bring you up.
- Wabuko Harrison Ochieng… 498 more words



As anyone who has read the full on blog of my life here knows, I’ve gone through a hell of a lot in the past couple years. 909 more words

April 14th


It speaks louder than any word,
More touching then any lyrics,
More skillful then any athlete,
Or talented as any musician.

See its what you hold on to till the end. 123 more words


A Small Death

A small death
Shameful by nature
Lost in reply
Measured transgression
By shadow’s breadth
Such a silent song
Sung by innocence
A soulful dirge
Captured in a blink… 36 more words


Thoughts On Letting Go, From Someone Who Holds On.

I hold on to things.

I hold on to them for dear life because I don’t want to forget, I don’t want to lose moments, I want to make sure that every bit of life is felt deeply and thoroughly and with all of me before it slips through the cracks of my soul and is never seen again. 842 more words