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Giving up seems like the easy thing to do

Welp I have come to point where I have absolutely no idea what to do.

I had a great connection with Michael (the guy I met in Memphis) everything seemed so dang perfect when we were together. 189 more words

Hold On

““Keep eyes … on the leaders of the Church. … We will not and … cannot lead astray. … I have discovered in my ministry that those who have become lost confused are typically those who have most often … forgotten that when the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve speak with a united voice, it is the voice of the Lord for that time.”

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Holding On

Another quick one for you all – spilled out of me like an overfull saucer holding a slow burning candle…

Holding on
For the back of tomorrow… 71 more words


Holding on

If you go to the gym at all, you probably notice there are a number of people on the treadmills who crank up the incline to the max setting and increase the pace to somewhere around 4 or 5 mph. 301 more words

Holding On

holding on for life

they call these stretches


as if they only last a brief spell,

and wrap themselves up tight

at a definitive end:

into a meaningful… 89 more words


Don't you cry (Song in A Minor)

Don’t you cry, it’s gonna be well with you.

I swear by the gods,

Tomorrow will be alright,

It may not look it now,

I swear by the gods that it’s gonna be well. 115 more words


No Response is A Response

Have you ever written someone an e-mail message asking a question and never gotten a response?  Or left a voice mail message requesting a call-back?  I can answer a resounding “Yes!” to both.  1,107 more words