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Prinz - The (Long Awaited) Hold Review

You may recognize the Prinz logo from Bomber Holds. Prinz bought the shapes and the logo from them and began shaping and pouring a bunch of new shapes as well. 1,186 more words


Fiction: Records & Registration

RecordsĀ & Registration

Why can’t you ever do your job?

Your financial holds are ridiculous!

I paid one day late and you place something on my account, 102 more words

Creative Writing

Solo Sterling Collection Laptop Backpack with CheckFast Airport SecurityFriendly

The main material used for the sleeve is the one that is also used in making wet suits for divers, called neoprene. When you buy your piece, make sure to get one that has the right protection, that it’s machine washable and it is also stain resistant. 312 more words


Swift Solo Sterling Collection Rolling Laptop Overnighter CheckFast Airport

It seems that laptop notebook computers are the most popular item this side of the iPod for the young and upwardly mobile setting. Every time I go in to a coffee shop, practically half of the those who are inside are hammering away at a laptop notebook computer as swilling Mochas. 246 more words


HoneyCanDo SHF01442 5Tier Shelving Holds 200Pounds per Shelf 72Inch

Wire shelving does not always fit into every style of room so why not take a look at the contemporary yet traditional white shelf. Interestingly regardless of size or strength both the wire and traditional… 323 more words


For HoneyCanDo SHF01440 5Tier Shelving Holds 800Pounds per Shelf

On your visit you will find the most noticeable shelving product being the creative yet handy wire design. The wire shelving unit has been created to fulfill your practical needs from the bathroom to the den to the all important office space. 306 more words

Dual LCD Monitor Desk StandMount Free Standing Holds Vertical

For lots of people at the office these days, using one screen to do all of the tasks you should do during a typical workday just looks very ineffective nowadays. 364 more words