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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) Review

Over the holidays, I searched for a unique Christmas movie—something I hadn’t seen. The usual American classics, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989) and A Christmas Story… 240 more words

Christmas Movies

what I saw outside my window...

Kind of a fun post on my Guideposts.org blog this week — I had a rough start getting up Monday morning. You know, mourning the loss of sugar cookies, Christmas trees and those Lifetime movies featuring stars from hit 90’s TV shows! 19 more words

Winter Break Movies

During the two weeks off from school, I came across a couple of movies while channel surfing and the first movie I came across was Alvin and The Chipmunks. 496 more words

A Christmas Story

Holiday Wrap-Up: Oh, Christmas Tree

When Meg and I started out, we had an artificial tree. It was nothing elaborate – just something simple and nice that she picked up on sale one Black Friday that worked fine for our little two-person Christmases. 604 more words

The Dorky Daddy

Netflix January 2015_day.03 – Reindeer Games (2000)

_I was gonna watch this later in the day, because I was morbidly curious about that scintillating NFL match-up between the Cardinals and Panthers, but then that game was about as interesting as…I expected it to be. 756 more words


New Year's Evil

When a creepy caller phones into a pledge drive show and says “I’m going to commit murder” (admitttedly, we’ve all contemplated this when PBS incessantly interrupts its programming for one of their interminable pledge-drives) we know we’re dialing up a typical slasher flick. 252 more words


Genre Grandeur - The Holiday (2006) - Tranquil Dreams

For the next entry in this month’s Genre Grandeur – Holiday movies, here’s a review by Kim of Tranquil Dreams of The Holiday (2006)

Next month’s genre has been chosen by my good friend… 604 more words

Genre Grandeur

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Check out this month's Genre Grandeur for Holiday movies. My pick went to The Holiday. The movie title pretty much says it all but its my go-to feel good movie set during the holidays making it perfect for the holidays. Remember to check out the other Genre Grandeur entries for holiday movies! :)