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I am on holiday… over and out

Just what should you say when leaving an out of office message? Should it be funny, apologetic or just short and simple? Last week, one BBC News magazine article asked the question… 520 more words


Holiday choring

I fancy myself as having a good grasp of the english vocabulary but I cannot believe there’s actually a word such as “choring,” which is a present participle of  197 more words


Chocolate ville, Bangkok

Chocolate ville is a european-themed restaurant in bangkok which is oh-so-beautiful-and-romantic place to dine in. At first we thought ‘Chocolate ville’ is some dessert place selling all kinds of chocolate, until we did some research online and found out that it has NOTHING tto do with chocolate at all! 253 more words


Burchell's Zebra or Plains Zebra (Equus burchelli)

The Burchell’s Zebra is the more common or well-known specie. Shoulder height of around 1.3 meter and average weight of 320 kg in the case of males. 66 more words


It's holiday planning time!

We’re conducting a super quick and anonymous (promise!) research into people’s holiday planning habits.  Simply choose a drop down option representing each step you take to book your holiday from start to  finish. 85 more words


Where's He Do You Think?

Here’s is a list of all the places we have been so far. The last on the list is where we are right now.

HONG KONG… 35 more words


Sneak peek at the Holiday Club 2014


A sneak preview of what’s been happening at the Holiday Club 2014. From what we’ve heard it’s already been a record turn out with nearly 100 pre- and primary-schoolers along with their high-school volunteer leaders. 29 more words

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