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Eid Mubarak vs Merry Christmas

No this is not a post about Islam vs Christianity, and I would never step into that territory, but what I wanted to talk about here is how these celebrations are similar and different. 451 more words

English Interest

Block Island Redux

I love summer! Last week, we had a stretch of beautiful weather and my wife said “Hey, let’s go to Block Island overnight.” What a great idea! 327 more words


Eid Mubarak!

Deweneti, baal leen ma aaxx, baal naa leen. Yal na ňu Yaala boole baalal, ňu fekee dewen kooraat ko ci jaamm. Bu dewen naree ňaaw, yal na mel ni ren… 645 more words



I have got to say that I am very impressed with the new camera even though at the moment I am still on the automatic controls and have not even attempted the manual ones yet. 254 more words


You could be surfing in Bali this weekend

Yet another of my truly amazing girlfriends is doing what she loves – and giving you the chance to do it to.

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? 105 more words

Sofie’s Role by Amy Heath

Sofie’s mom and dad own the Broadway Bakery, it is Christmas Eve, and Sofie is excited to be working in the front of her parents’ bakery for the first time. 147 more words


Some Copenhagen memories

Somehow because of work you learn that money don’t just come from the trees, and mummy and daddy won’t always be there to save you or give you the shirt you have been beggin’ for…. 249 more words