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Thor and his Flesh-Eating Twin Sister

A festive Halloween to all! 

The twins are now two years old and starting to get into Halloween. They could’ve cared less about the candy (“ 82 more words


Holiday Almanac: Halloween is gone, All Saints Day is here

How did Halloween get its name? From All Saints Day, which falls on today (Nov. 1). The original name was All Hallows Day, or Hallowmas, which means pretty much the same. 199 more words



Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful night tonight :) Halloween is definitely one of my favorite days of the year! 26 more words

Psssssst, we're six years old!

That’s right people of the internet, not only are we posting for the first time in (counts silently…since March 17th), umm quite a large amount of time, but this blog also turned six recently! 98 more words


7 of America’s Most Haunted Bars

7 of America’s Most Haunted Bars | Liquor.com.

Some interesting stories here. Looks like something to look for if I’m ever in one of these towns. 81 more words


Happy Halloween!

I love the holidays, and even though my kids are not quite to that point where they understand what is coming, I get excited enough for the both of us!! 245 more words