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It all started with COCONUTS!

It is Tuesday evening and I am relaxing with my furry children enjoying the cool breeze outside. It is a great day to be alive. I think we forget to be thankful and appreciative for just being able to wake up and smell the air, see the sky, to just be alive. 1,787 more words

What is Holistic Wellness and how do I "be" that?

When I visualize the energy of Holistic Wellness … I see a wheel shape.  For the wheel to be supported there must be a framework in place.  439 more words

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What is Holistic Wellness and how do we live it?

Holistic wellness to me is about creating balance in all areas of life including nutrition, fitness, spirituality, relationships, career and home environment. When we feel balanced in each of these areas, we are truly happy and healthy! 276 more words

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Why is Bio-Balance Alignment Important for You

When your nervous system is clogged with old patterns, you will carry out these patterns in your daily life, consciously and subconsciously. And guess what? You end up creating that same old thing, that same old way, leading to that same old drama, while feeling silently frustrated or even depressed… (This could be fun for some people, but since you have the chance of seeing this note, a part of you already silently knows that this ain’t fun and you ARE looking for another way out. 256 more words


The aroma of Thyme

I was showing my sister around my garden and her allergies were bugging her and she was sneezing nonstop, so when we got around to my row of herbs I randomly snipped some thyme and told her this would help if she sniffs it (I was just taking a wild guess). 61 more words


Review: The Holistic Beauty Book

The Holistic Beauty Book
Author: Star Khechara
Published: 20 Nov 2008
Publisher: Green Books
Pages: 176

What a fab and wonderful book this was! This is primarily a recipe book to make your own Earth-friendly natural skin/beauty products but it is also filled with information on how to care for your skin, and how using natural products is not only kinder to your skin but also the environment, and also info about the beauty industry and the “natural” products commercially sold in shops and how they aren’t so natural after all! 238 more words

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Healing with Vita Flex Therapy and Essential Oils

Vita Flex therapy is an important part of essential oil application as it enables the oils to reach specific points of the body that need treated in a precise manner. 815 more words

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