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For the Love of Jackson Park & The Forest

When I see this photo I am reminded of the beauty, majesty of the lovely Jackson Park, it is like a rugged, wild, provincial park that has been protected, its wilderness, its ecological diversity and ecosystem is so special, sacred, beauty full. 683 more words

Daily Digital Mandala 113

“Nature’s way is simple and easy, but men prefer what is intricate and artificial.”

~Lao Tzu


things i love: COLD COMBATANTS AYY

my nose is throbbing and i am weeping/leaking from pretty much everything on my face. i’m constantly mildly shivery. the biggest tragedy of all: my appetite’s gone. 493 more words

Invite Your Anxiety to Tea with Allison Brunner

An interview with Allison Brunner by Alane Goldberg and Kate DeRosa Howell

Anxiety. We have all experienced it on some level or another. Sometimes it’s a dull but pervasive worry, a nagging fear that runs us in circles and never resolves. 1,208 more words

The beginning

I have no idea how to start, so I’ve turned to some friends.

Between being flooded with yoga, tai chi, hula hoop (still trying to figure that one out), meditation, essential oils (and assorted stuff to go with it), amber necklaces (that I still don’t fully understand), and tons of encouragement websites, I’m a little overwhelmed. 207 more words


In My Pantry: Oil of Oregano

I discovered the healing properties of Oregano Oil while on retreat in Costa Rica last December. I was starting to come down with a cold and the Yoga Spa’s local healer brewed me a concoction of oregano oil tea. 134 more words


Cancer Prevention | Baking Soda

Baking soda can help neutralise the acidity in the body and help maintain pH balance in the urine and bloodstream. 

Studies conducted by Arizona Cancer have shown that baking soda can alkalise the areas around tumours and help prevent metastasis in cancer patients. 21 more words

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