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Three Kings' Consort: Purity's Lament

Title: Three Kings’ Consort: Purity’s Lament

Description: One-Shot (Prequel to Consort To The Three Kings )

Warnings: Prequel to Consort To The Three Kings, M/M/M/M pairing, angst, hurt/comfort, Evil!Soul Society. 163 more words

Bleach FF

The Rage Inside - Hollow Ichigo Kurosaki

This is how Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey all began, from the moment he talked to Zangetsu and Yhwach’s other form inside Ichigo’s soul, Ichigo connected with these powerful people to which a whole new world began. 92 more words

Daily Anime Art

White x Black: Midnight Parables

This one’s quite early but I’m glad that it’s done for now, I’ll be posting a monthly update in a few hours hopefully but other than that. 196 more words

Bleach FF

White x Black: Midnight Parables

Title: White Black: Midnight Parables

Description: Two-Shot

Warnings: Lemon content, M/M/M pairing, angst, hurt/comfort, Incest, Triplet-cest, AU mixed with some Canon facts, set pairing between Shiro x Ichigo x Kyo. 139 more words

Bleach FF