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韻文: 白 斬月 [Verse: Shiro Zangetsu]

When the world betrays you, forge on ahead and laugh. Insanity is a term relative to instinct. Shatter the ties binding one to society and only then can true bliss be found within. 88 more words

Hollow Ichigo

The Sinister Pride Of Perfection

Title: The Sinister Pride Of Perfection

Description: Two-Shot

Warnings: M/M Lemons, Tentacles, Alpha & Beta Dynamics, Zanpactō Materialization, Dominant! Shiro Zangetsu, Submissive! Ichigo, Violence, Rough Sex, Spoilers for the newer chapters in Bleach, Canon Divergence Setting, Angst, Two-Shot, Dark Themes and Dark Eroticism. 126 more words

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