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I am reviewing the fantasy novel Hollowland by Amanda Hocking which is an excellent book that I bought from kindle. This is the first installment in the Hollows series about their being a virus that turns people into killer zombies. 270 more words



I am reviewing the urban fantasy novel Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking which is an excellent book that I bought on kindle. This book is the 2nd installment in the Hollows series and is basically about the planet being plagued by zombies which unlike many other books can run and are intelligent. 265 more words


A Eulogy for Rachel Morgan: The End of a Series, the End of an Era

After 13 bestselling novels that irrevocably changed the landscape of genre fiction, Kim Harrison’s Hollows series—which features lovable witch and day-walking demon Rachel Morgan—is over: and so too are the glory days of paranormal fantasy. 745 more words

Book series continuation WISHLIST

These are books from series I read that are on my “TO BUY LIST”

(These are up on the “to buy” priority list…the list is …long…very long…) 84 more words

Book Series

More Planes Ready to Ship!

Three years ago, we launched with #6 and #8 hollow and round moulding planes, as well as a rabbet plane to make the perfect starter set. 110 more words