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A warm heart. A true understanding of self. A willingness to live honestly.

“See, I’ve been taking estrogen for three years. When I was running on testosterone, it was like putting regular gas in a diesel motor. 140 more words


A culinary school graduate and line cook, Savannah knows duck fat and is not afraid to use it. Food-centric and tattooed, she gives her family sustenance while she lives at home and pays off student loans. 92 more words


Oh, Simon.

Of him Maggie says, “You are my Simon, my rock, my luxury, my anguish. You are my Simon, aptly named as I recall from those ruler-wielding Vacation Bible School teachers, yes?” 173 more words


“It’s not just a birthday, it’s a birth day. The day of nativity. The day I screamed her into color, those black and white sonograms becoming a thing of the past, thank God. 210 more words


“Why the hell do I have to have a pacemaker?”Jenny, Ribbon of Life, Act I, Scene 1

At 79, Jenny Monroe remains feisty. 186 more words