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Las 100 mejores películas según Hollywood

¿Quién mejor para valorar las mejores películas de la historia que aquellos que las hacen? Eso se han preguntado en la revista de cine Hollywood Reporter… 752 more words


What Kate Upton's Nude Photo Hack Reveals About Google

Only half of the model-actress and pitcher Justin Verlander’s private photos are removed from indexes as the search engine grapples with legal theories over “selfies,” copyright and fair use 362 more words


Big Announcment from Client Nitro Circus Live

Today, The Hollywood Reporter ran an exclusive story premiering Nitro Circus Live’s season four trailer! Also announced in the article is a premiere date for season four of Nitro Circus Live and details on the airing of the NCL movie. 108 more words

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Hollywood Must Turn Its Head to Personalized Longevity Science instead of Anti-Aging Pseudoremedies

This attention-worthy article in The Hollywood Reporter signals that Hollywood people are ready and willing to do something about their longevity. The article mentions hormone replacement therapy, different check-ups and other things available in California, however completely misses 99% of what actually can be done about aging – science. 312 more words


Why Vice is My Vice

Let me tell you a little something about the state of reporting these days. In the shadows of horribly biased news outlets like Fox News, it seems that the younger generation do not trust no do they pay attention to the talking heads on their televisions. 575 more words

You Gotta Friend in Me

A few days ago the Hollywood Reporter came out with a story insinuating that Marvel wasn’t playing nice by not getting behind the promotional synergy push for Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Big Hero 6. 215 more words

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