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Photographs Documenting the Holocaust in Hungary

Photographs Documenting the Holocaust in Hungary

by László Karsai Ph.D.

Introduction, by Harry W. Mazal OBE:

When the Soviet Army captured Budapest on January 17-18, 1945, it was too late to save the lives of 564,500 Jews who had been sent to the various death-camps run by the Nazis.

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LitKid review: The Book Thief

The Book Thief

By Marcus Zusak

As soon as I picked up The Book Thief, I was immediately transported into a whole other world. A world where love and friendship were the hopes that everyone in Nazi Germany clung to in that time of fear. 397 more words


Israel: Victimhood and moral blindness - Taki

“Let’s … look at the moral blindness that has afflicted Israelis in their denial of Palestinian rights. Roger Waters, the courageous musician whose father died fighting the Nazis, has been called a Nazi for pointing out that the Israeli Army subjugates an indigenous population by using lethal force, including the murder of women and children. 1,010 more words


a critical look at how the Holocaust (of European Jewry) has been used and other relevant questions

In this essay, we look at how the official history of the Holocaust has been used since 1945, and afterward we add a few relevant, important questions to the discussion.   1,340 more words


Writing and Resistance

It may have been the first official week of summer break, but I spent the majority of this last week writing my term papers. They’re not actually due until the end of September, but because I don’t want to have to deal with them while I’m at home, I’ve decided to finish them before I leave in mid-August. 1,290 more words

A Christian Holocaust in Iraq As The Obama Administration Suppresses Islamic Persecution Of Christians Worldwide.

I have done everything in my power not to criticize President Obama and his so called “Christian Faith”. When he ran for president of the United States the media feel in love with him and marched him onto the scene as the great savior of Hope for this country… 214 more words

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