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Cow Talk

I recently caught up with my girl, 1061; also known as Judith. We are basically best friends and she said it was cool if I wanted to call her Judy. 960 more words


Well, I certainly learned a lot.

My interview with Dr. Deane Aikins was, to say the least, enlightening.

A noted expert in his field, Dr. Aikins was once called by the Pentagon to testify via telephone before a Congressional subcomittee regarding homicidality in PTSD patients. 371 more words


Cow Facts...Mmmm'kay?

Due to the fact that I was so dirt-poor in college that I swear I created the concept of “staycation,” we are making up for lost time now that we are yuppies. 235 more words

Clownin' Around

The Barnyard

Holstein calves at the water trough


Holstein: An Endangered Species

As the title suggests, it has become increasingly hard to find a pure Holstein cow in my herd. Since the last one was born on my farm back in 2007, numbers have dwindled down to just 12 individuals remaining. 205 more words


Clarabelle the Hijacked Holstein is Returned to Chesapeake Bay Farms Home

Stolen cow statue recovered from dairy farm: The life-sized, custom-made fiberglass cow was stolen from Chesapeake Bay Farms. It was recovered less than 24 hours later, on another property down the street. 311 more words